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Compact collagenarium for Home Use GK-480-K8/515 купить в Михайловске
Купить Compact collagenarium for Home Use GK-480-K8/515
Compact collagenarium for Home Use GK-480-K8/515

Compact collagenarium for Home Use GK-480-K8/515

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Россия, Михайловск
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TAKE CARE OF YOUR FACE AND DÉCOLLETAGE GET RID OF AESTHETIC SKIN DEFECTS FIGHT SKIN AGING The unique technology put to use in YUTEC-COLLAGEN helps women rejuvenate their skin and look younger. The tech was approved by European scientists quite recently. All necessary certifi cates obtained. FACE AND DÉCOLLETAGE CARE UNIT YUTEC (Russia) and SWG Europe Ltd (England) thank you for making the right choice. YUTEC-COLLAGEN - is a light therapy unit that activates elastin-collagen framework from within, without any external manipulation. Collagen is the protein that is the «building material» of the connective tissue, the one that makes skin elastic and soft tissue toned. As you grow older, the body decreases natural production of collagen, which results in wrinkles, flappy skin and poor muscle tone. UNDENIABLE ADVANTAGES OF GK-480 YUTEC-COLLAGEN™ ✔ Activation of metabolism in subcutaneous fat. ✔ Elimination of hyperpigmentation, telangiectasia (spider veins), freckles. ✔ Making skin tone consistent and skin itself clean. ✔ Low power consumption compared to larger collagenarium units. ✔ Correction of stretch marks and cellulite. ✔ Collagen and elastin production activation. ✔ Elimination of comedones and pores narrowing; ✔ Photoaging protection (under ultraviolet light); ✔ Wrinkles and folds smoothing, lifting effect; ✔ YUTEC-COLLAGEN units have air outlets that produce a soft stream of air for your convenience, a feature only found in professional collagen activation systems! ✔ Following your request, high-performance UVA tubes can be replaced with unbreakable (shatterproof) tubes.
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Compact collagenarium for Home Use GK-480-K8/515
Compact collagenarium for Home Use GK-480-K8/515
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