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GLAUCONITE Natural eco-friendly sorbent Cleans land and water from pollution by oil, heavy metals, radionuclides Simplifies the disposal of toxic waste Eliminates the effects of industrial disasters Increases environmental safety GLAUCONITE LLC   About us GLAUCONITE LLC is the developer of the largest and one of the richest glauconite deposits in Russia, the Karinsky deposit (Chelyabinsk region). We apply unique processing technologies, which, together with the useful properties of valuable mineral glauconite, allows us to supply products to the Russian market and abroad that solve a wide range of tasks in the environmental field. Our main goal is the introduction of eco-technologies in industry and the agribusiness industry to restore the ecological balance in the surrounding world.   We produce and supply natural multifunctional enriched sorbent glauconite in four types: Glauconite (GR) enriched glauconite(concentrate) enriched ground glauconite(concentrate,flour) granular glauconite(filter bed) Packaging: Multilayer paper or polypropylene bags of 25 and 50 kg,soft containers 500-700 kg High-quality natural sorbent Certified product   Facts and Figures Any batches of glauconite without restrictions from a reliable manufacturer "Glauconite" - the first Russian company that started developing deposits of glauconite sands on a commercial scale. 18 18 years of work in the Russian market of natural sorbents 10 More than 10 self-engineered products based on natural mineral glauconite.   Glauconite: chemical composition Glauconite is a natural greenish mineral with a complex structure. It belongs to the group of hydromicas, to the subclass of layered silicates.Glauconite is formed in coastal marine sediments and soils on intrusive (formed as a result of breakthrough of the magma in depth crust) rocks. Chemical glauconite is an aqueous potassium, magnesium and iron aluminosilicate The composition of glauconite is changeable Potassium oxide 4.4-9.6% Sodium oxide till 3.5% Aluminium oxide 5.6-22.6% Ferrous oxide 0.8-8.7% Magnesium oxide 2.4-4.7% Silicon dioxide 47.2-53% Glauconite contains more than 20 important micro-elements, including copper, silver, nickel, cobalt, manganese, zinc, molybdenum, arsenic, chromium, tin, beryllium, cadmium and others. All useful micro-elements are in easily recoverable form, and can be quickly replaced by hazardous chemical elements that are abundant in the environment. This property, as well as the layered structure, explains the high sorption properties with respect to petroleum products, heavy metals, nuclides and other toxic compounds.   The main properties of glauconite: Has the ability to selectively absorb cations and long-lived radioisotopes Removes heavy metals from solutions (as a percentage of the initial content):   Lead 99% Mercury 64% Cobalt 97% Copper 96% Cadmium 96% Manganese 95% Chrome 92% Nickel 90% Zinc 90% Iron 99% Sorbs radionuclides from soil and water (as a percentage of total initial content) Strontium-90 96% Caesium-137 95% Plutonium 95% Glauconite irreversibly binds dangerous chemical active substances Sphere of glauconite application: Industry Glauconite is widely used in the oil and oil refining industry Purification of petroleum products from harmful impurities. Glauconite absorbs phenol, benzene, has a high sorption capacity for naphthenic acid. Oil filtration, salt removal and dehumidification Cleaning and decolorizing of motor oils Oil spill liquidation Oil slime salvaging One kilogram of glauconite is able to adsorb up to 6 kg of oil-contaminated soil.   In various fields of industry glauconite is used: To increase safety when storing toxic waste For the purification of waters for the needs of fisheries For sewage treatment from heavy metals, oil products For the rehabilitation of soils contaminated with heavy metals, petroleum products, nuclides To prevent pollution of water, soil and air by toxic industrial waste has high maintainability | works even on complex surfaces   Sphere of glauconite application: Ecological safety of urban economy Soil remediation of urban areas affected by human activity Improving the state of municipal landfills by reducing the toxicity of waste Remediation of urban land fertility for landscaping and improvement of land Cleaning of reservoirs (ponds, lakes) located within the city Arrangement of lawns, beds Removing odors from waste storage facilities of agricultural animals and poultry located near cities Protection of soil from salinization when using deicers Glauconite makes the urban environment as comfortable and safe as possible   Usage of glauconite in urban areas and in the housing and utilities sector helps: Reduce the cost of replacing topsoil for landscaping Remove from the soil hazardous substances - heavy metals, petroleum products, dioxins, toxins, nitrates, toxic substances To improve the general ecological condition of urban areas Glauconite does not "give" back to the soil and water previously absorbed harmful substances, and eliminates secondary pollution   Sphere of glauconite application: agribusiness industry Crop growing:Organic farming with glauconite Glauconite in plant growing is used in the form of chlorine-free potassium phosphate fertilizer. Contains most of the substances necessary for plant nutrition (vegetables, potatoes, fruit and berry crops) Allows you to increase the fertility of unproductive plots, restoring the soil Absorbs pesticides, heavy metals and toxicants from the soil both open and protected ground Improves soil structure and activates reproduction of beneficial microflora Increases the efficiency of using any mineral and organic fertilizers by 20-40% Increases soil water content, protecting plants from lack of moisture Improves germination and survival of plants The yield of potatoes and vegetables when using glauconite increases by 25-30% Animal husbandry: Environmental friendliness + Effectiveness In animal husbandry glauconite is used as a feed additive to the diet of farm animals and poultry. Improves metabolic processes of animals' and birds' body Prevents the development of gastrointestinal diseases Stimulates growth and development Helps to remove heavy metals and radionuclides from animals' and birds' body Allows you to save and increase live weight Glauconite blocks the entry of harmful substances to plants and animals and further, along the chain - to humans Sphere of glauconite application: Environment protection The use of glauconite allows you to solve the whole range of the most pressing environmental problems effectively. Elimination of oil spills Managing the consequences of man-made disasters and emergencies Protection of soil, groundwater and open water from the effects of pesticides, benzene herbicides, acids and other toxic substances Natural mineral glauconite effectively eliminates toxic chemical-active substances, and brings their concentration to meet sanitary standards   Results of soil detoxification from heavy metals after glauconite treatment   pollutantInitial concentration of pollutants in the sample (active form), (mg / kg)Residual concentration pollutants in the sample (active form), (mg / kg)Water soluble form in the sample (mg / kg)Permissible levels of TLV APC(mg / kg)* Lead805.2 <0.16 Cadmium401.99<0.12 Nickel803.6<0.34 lead505.30.126 Cadmium801.99<0.12 Nickel1504<0.34 Lead2005.20.176 Cadmium1401.990.242 Nickel2003.5<0.34 lead3005.80.296 Cadmium2001.990.592 Nickel30040.34     * - conformably with the Procedure for determining damage from land pollution by chemical substances of the MOH USSR No. 4286-87   Sphere of glauconite application: accidental spill elimination/ water purification and water reclamation accidental spill elimination Glauconite is a real destructor of oil pollution. Mineral helps to effectively remove spilled petroleum products from: soil reservoirs and water areas road asphalt and concrete pavements metal surface Spent glauconite belongs to the class of low-hazard (hazard class IV), and can be used as a secondary raw material in the production of asphalt and concrete.   Glauconite retains properties at all temperatures water purification and water reclamation   Glauconite helps to normalize the state of water in case of spills of any types of fuel and crude oil Used to filter closed-loop, waste and recycled water Eliminates chlorine and ammonia compounds Reduces nuclide content up to 50 times It is used as a hardness softener and water acidity regulator Used as a final cleaning system for all types of water Effectively cleans fishery reservoirs, increases the amount of plankton Makes urban / country waters suitable for swimming One ton of sorbent glauconite softens 810 of water of any hardness by 1 degree   How glauconite works Glauconite and products based on it have high sorption, ion-exchange and buffer (protective) properties. Due to this glauconite is used in many industries and in the urban economy.   In urban areas, utilities sector and ensuring the ecological safety of the city, glauconite helps to: clean rain drains clean and restore aeration fields reduce pollution of groundwater sanitize and restore urban soil In industry glauconite is used in oil-producing, oil-refining, metallurgical, instrument-making enterprises, and thermal power plants. The use of glauconite allows you to: absorb gases containing compounds hazardous to humans and nature reduce nuclide exposure prevent soil, water and air pollution from industrial waste rehabilitate soil contaminated with heavy metals, toxins, petroleum products and nuclides Glauconite is widely used in preventive and remedial measures in the field of environmental protection (including in accordance with accepted government programs) and in the elimination of the consequences of natural and man-made emergencies. Advantages of natural sorbent glauconite Effectively absorbs oil products, heavy metals, pesticides, nuclides Decomposes recovered oil and other complex substances into simpler and less dangerous Absorbs gases and volatile vapors, eliminating the likelihood of explosions and fires It is a natural fertilizer; affects the soil to achieve chemical equilibrium Can be used year-around Most environmentally friendly Glauconite from "glauconite" Mineral glauconite mined at the Karinskoe deposit undergoes the activation process at the beneficiation plant sorbs a wide range of hazardous substances Glauconite concentrate contains a maximum of glauconite - from 60% to 95% Does not cake Does not lose properties at long storage Easy to use Does not require disposal Remains environmentally friendly even after contact with aggressive chemicals Affordable The technology of application of the sorbent glauconite has passed the State Environmental Expertise and has been approved. Natural sorbent glauconite - an effective solution to environmental problems.    
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