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Accessories, rollers for retractable gate weighing up to 350 kg (armholes to 4 m) buy in St petersburg
Buy Accessories, rollers for retractable gate weighing up to 350 kg (armholes to 4 m)
Accessories, rollers for retractable gate weighing up to 350 kg (armholes to 4 m)

Accessories, rollers for retractable gate weighing up to 350 kg (armholes to 4 m)

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Accessories, rollers for retractable gate from the producer in St. Petersburg.

The set of accessories is intended for designs weighing no more than 350 kg, width of the blocked aperture to 4 m.

GUARANTEE of 5 YEARS! in 5 times more, than at producers like "Dorkhan", "Alyutekh", etc. Accessories for retractable gate are manufactured in St. Petersburg, of metal of production of JSC Severstal. Any plastic, aluminum, etc.! Only thick galvanized steel. The directing beams are made, including, from high-quality European constructional S-355 steel (a pr-v of Germany, Slovakia).

For gate are included in the package: support (2 pieces), support adjusting M-12 (2 pieces), roller trailer removable (1 piece), lovitel lower (1 piece), lovitel top roller (1 piece), roller rubber (2 pieces), arm square (1 piece), guide cap (1 piece).

Directing to the mechanism of gate is on sale separately, 610rub/meter.

Delivery payment after delivery is possible. Let's bring on a call!

Delivery of mechanisms for gate across Russia through Business Lines transport company:

across St. Petersburg - 1400r, Arkhangelsk - 990r, Astrakhan - 1200r, Barnaul - 1900r, Belgorod - 1100r, Bryansk - 1050r, V. Novgorod - 790r, Vladivostok - 2550r, Vladimir - 1050r, Vologda - 850r, Yekaterinburg - 1450r, Izhevsk - 1600r, Irkutsk - 1990r, Kaluga - 990r, Krasnodar - 1250r, Kostroma - 1050r, Murmansk - 890r, Nizhny Novgorod - 1200r, Nizhny Tagil - 1800r, Novosibirsk - 2200r, the Eagle - 1500r, Orenburg - 1650r, Pskov - 750r, Samara - 1300r, Smolensk - 990r, Sochi - 1450r, Stavropol - 1250r, Syktyvkar - 1100r, Tambov - 1650r, Tyumen - 1800r, Khabarovsk - 2700r, Ufa - 1950r, Yaroslavl - 950 rubles, etc.

Let's bring to any city for minimum price!



The roller trailer creates an additional support, together with a lovitel lower MICRO, in the closed/opened condition of retractable gate, thereby, reducing tension in the field of a contact of a guide of MICRO gate in a static state, MICRO with a support. Advantage of a removable roller consists in simplicity of its installation and a possibility of service of retractable gate. The high-strength reinforced roller which is not demanding service is provided in a design.
At control of a shutter of gate the roller trailer has to come completely in a lovitel the lower MICRO. The shutter of gate at the same time has to rise on 5-10 mm is an indispensable condition.

Attention! In time performance of welding works at installation of a design of retractable gate it is necessary to exclude a possibility of course of welding current through a roller trailer.


Lovitel the lower MICRO perceives loading from a roller trailer removable MICRO in the closed condition of gate.

Redistributing the weight of gate between two support MICRO and lovitely, the lovitel together with a roller trailer increases service life of support and, thereby, a collar in general. Lovitel serves as an additional support, minimizing forces operating on support in the closed condition of retractable gate.

Lovitel fastens to a capital wall design, or on a basic rack with the base. For fastening of a lovitel to lateral surfaces it is recommended to use a strong arm of a lovitel which provides also a possibility of adjustment of a lovitel at the expense of the provided grooves across.

At installation a lovitel it is necessary to place so that the roller trailer was rolled up in it, raising a shutter of retractable gate. Only in this case couple a lovitel-roller trailer will create an additional support. If the roller trailer, coming in a lovitel, does not concern his lower platform, then installation is made not truly, and the shutter of gate will hang, hitting against sidewalls of a lovitel.

Attention! If under the influence of lateral loadings (wind, for example) the shutter hits against sidewalls of a lovitel, creating a roar, then installation of gate is made not correctly, it is necessary to make adjustment of support by means of supports adjusting MICRO or to move a lovitel.


Lovitel the top roller is intended for deduction of the upper edge of gate in the closed state.
Rollers slidings, rubber with the internal nylon plug, are provided in a design of a lovitel,
excluding damage of a decorative covering of gate.
In the closed state noise level due to absorption of vibrations of a shutter of gate decreases.


The cap is intended for protection of an end face of a guide against hit in a snow guide,
dirt, foliage, etc. The cap is executed removable for simplification of service of gate.
The cap is made from steel and is galvanized that excludes its deformation at temperature drops,
corrosion, loss from a guide are also increased by the term of its service.


Professional 8-roller support with the integral plate providing high durability. The design of support provides their self-adjustability and continuous simultaneous contact with a guide not less than 6 rollers.
Support in a design of the retractable self-bearing gate perceive loadings from a shutter of gate and transfer them to the base. Together with a guide provide movement of a shutter.
In support the strengthened bearings 6201.2RS (State standard specifications 8882-75) with special non-hygroscopic (not absorbing moisture) low-temperature greasing are used (to-60).
Rubber bilateral consolidation provides tightness of bearings. Low-temperature bearings at low temperatures reduce load of the automatic drive that increases drive service life, and also allows to install the drive with a smaller stock on power.
The lock ring on the central axis is galvanized and protected from corrosion.
All these parameters increase service life of retractable gate.
This product is completely ready to installation and does not demand service all term of operation.
At installation it is recommended to consider rules of adjustment of support and to use for installation a support regulirochny M-12.

Attention! During performance of welding works at installation of a design of retractable gate it is necessary to exclude a possibility of course of welding current via bearings of support.

Attention! With application of 5-roller support (especially with use of the warping bolt) load of the automatic drive sharply increases in designs of retractable gate at the expense of an inevitable distortion of support.


Supports adjusting M12 MICRO are used together with the MICRO support.
In a design of retractable gate of a support are applied to performance of the following functions:
1. Simplification of installation of gate.
2. Ensuring adjustment of provision of support in use.
3. Extension of service life of support.


The roller rubber is made of not painting rubber, does not leave marks on a shutter of gate.
The nylon plug of sliding which is excluding noise, increasing smoothness of the course and not demanding service at operation is provided in a design of a roller rubber. No greasing is required.
Rollers rubber are used together with an arm square.
The special rectangular nut is fixed in an arm and not turned that allows to make installation of rollers by means of one wrench.


The arm square together with two rollers rubber is used for deduction of top
parts of a shutter of gate in the provided situation. The geometry and thickness of material provide rigidity of a product.
The arm fastens to a P-shaped frame rollers by means of welding down.
At the same time the shutter of gate passes between two freely rotating rollers and does not deviate the set movement trajectory.
Standard length of an arm makes 250 mm. In need of use of an arm of other length it can be made of a guide.


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Accessories, rollers for retractable gate weighing up to 350 kg (armholes to 4 m)
Accessories, rollers for retractable gate weighing up to 350 kg (armholes to 4 m)
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