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Acid means for washing of the heatexchange equipment SINTERON AURUM buy in Moscow
Buy Acid means for washing of the heatexchange equipment SINTERON AURUM
Acid means for washing of the heatexchange equipment SINTERON AURUM

Acid means for washing of the heatexchange equipment SINTERON AURUM

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Technical characteristics
  • Country of manufactureRussia

Means is intended for cleaning of heat exchangers and the similar equipment from carbonate adjournment ̆, scums, scales, an uric stone, a rust.

The concentrated liquid acid foamy means on the basis of inorganic ̆ acids. Well rastvorimo in water.


It is applied to cleaning:
• heat exchangers,
• coppers of high and low pressure,
• condensers, heat exchangers, pipelines, section ̆ cooling systems of locomotives.


  • provides fast and full removal rzhavosolevy adjournment ̆; • possesses high ̆ the ability washing ̆;
    • average extent of foaming;
    • profitability and universality;
  • provides cleaning at low ̆ to temperature of working solution (20-35 °C);
  • does not change svoistvo of the condensing material;
    • prime flaking of pollution with its already subsequent dissolution.

The main ̆ distinctive ̆ feature of this structure from others is the removal mechanism pollution ̆ which ̆ and provides above-mentioned advantages.


Removal obrazovavsheisya in coppers and heat exchangers of a scum can be made by two methods: mechanical ̆ and chemical ̆ cleaning ̆. Hard-to-remove ̆ scums sometimes apply the combined cleaning to removal – chemical with mechanical ̆ tertiary treatment ̆.

Mechanical cleaning consists scums and friable adjournment ̆ (slime) by means of nakipeochistitelny heads various ̆ at a distance designs which are given to rotation by pneumo or electric drives.

The essence of a method chemical ̆ cleanings is that acids, entering a vzaimodeistviye with a scum in the course of washing of the package boiler, dissolve it, transferring insoluble salts in water to soluble.

Advantages of a chemical method of washing

  • The scum which is formed on surfaces of heating of coppers, heat exchangers and pipelines from a solea ̆ calcium and magnesium 10700 times worse carries out warmth, than steel. Layers ̆ scums 0,5mm leads to an excessive consumption of fuel for 1%, at 2kh mm of 12%, and also to increase in temperature of a wall of pipes, surfaces ̆ heating and to their premature failure.
  • When using this method the risk of breakdown of tubes in pipe bunches is minimized.
  • Speed of removal is 1,52 times higher, than at mechanical ̆ to cleaning.
  • The number of necessary repair personnel is reduced.
  • Usability of chemical means.

Recommendations about application of means for washing of heat exchangers

1ya step:
Sozdayetsya the contour closed ̆ where workers ̆ solution (means, razvedenny water ̆ in the ratio from 1:3 to 1:15) pump over the pump via the heat exchanger.

2ya step:
For a neitralization sour ̆ a component ̆ the clearing means in 10–15 min. prior to the end of washing add a neitralizator (the drinking or calcinated soda), leading up rn solution to 6–7.

Or carefully wash out the heat exchanger drinking ̆ water ̆ in case value rn is lower than 5 units, then it is necessary to add alkaline ̆ a neitralizuyushchiya ̆ the agent to remove the remained acid and to passivate steel surfaces. Shchelochno ̆ neitralizuyushchiya ̆ the agent circulate until value rn is not within 6-7.

After the end of washing workers ̆ dilute solution water ̆ with water ̆ to norms, admissible to discharge, preparing for dumping into the sewerage. Firm rainfall is removed as household waste.

Recommendations about application of means for cleaning of the polluted surfaces ̆

Means to part with water ̆ in the ratio from 1:3 to 1:15 (depending on thickness adjournment ̆). Nanesenny ̆ on a zagryaznenny surface the preparation dissolves deposits within 20 min. – 2 h. The heating of working solution to 70 °C increases efficiency of cleaning. After application of means the surface is plentifully washed out by water ̆. When processing a product ̆ from soft metals and their alloys preliminary testing is desirable. For achievement of the best effect optimum concentration is selected technological putem as it is necessary to consider character pollution ̆ and conditions of application of a preparation.

Attention!!!! If at structure adjournment ̆ there is a calcium ̆, it is necessary to use a circulation method, but not a method of etching.


At preparation of working solution to use means of individual protection: points, gloves, respirator, protective clothes. At hit on skin it is necessary to wash out immediately a large amount of water. At hit in eyes – immediately to wash out a stream of flowing water for 5-10 minutes. If necessary to see a doctor.


3 years from the date of production. At preservation of indicators ̆ qualities it can be used at longer period of storage. To store in the container which is densely closed ̆ at a temperature above from 0 to 40 °C. To protect from children ̆!

Period of storage of working solutions - not less than 10 days. Is not afraid of freezing, keeps the washing ability after defrosting. Before use and in case of defrosting means is recommended to be mixed.


Water solution of acidiferous connections, stabilizers, activator, inhibitors. Does not contain forbidden in the EU and the Russian Federation of chemical compounds. Is not subject to obligatory certification.


10 and 20 liters Himstoiky tight polyethylene canisters.


Producer Own production
Country of origin Russia
Application repair work
Appointment cleaning

Amount of packing

Weight 22 kg
Height 40.5 cm
Width 23.8 cm
Length 29.5 cm
  • Possibilities of deliveries — 10000 piece/day
  • Way of packing — the PET chemical resistant canister
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Acid means for washing of the heatexchange equipment SINTERON AURUM
Acid means for washing of the heatexchange equipment SINTERON AURUM
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