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Additive D-5 to concrete in paper bags 15 kg buy in Vladikavkaz
Buy Additive D-5 to concrete in paper bags 15 kg
Additive D-5 to concrete in paper bags 15 kg

Additive D-5 to concrete in paper bags 15 kg

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandТОКАР НПП
  • Country of manufactureRussia
  • ColorGrey

Products: Additive D - 5 to concrete, mortar, dry building mixtures and cements

Additive D - 5 is available in powder form.


  • paper bags, 1 kg.
  • 15 kg paper valve bags;
  • big - bags of 1000 kg.

Paper bags and packages can be stacked on pallets of 1000x1200 mm and covered with stretch film.

Shelf life in dry conditions is at least 24 months.

Recommended dosage: 2 - 3% by weight of cement.

TNVED code: 3824 40 000 0.



• HIGH WATER RESISTANCE: Concretes with D - 5 acquire the highest possible water resistance (up to W20 and more), which allows completely eliminating any additional waterproofing of concrete located in water - saturated soils in an aqueous environment or directly in water. High water resistance of concrete with D - 5 additive is preserved for the entire service life of the structure. In rooms with high humidity, plastered with D - 5 additive, dampness and "fungus" disappear.

• HIGH SULPHATE RESISTANCE: Concretes with D - 5 additive acquire high sulfate resistance even when using ordinary Portland cement. This makes it possible to exclude additional waterproofing of concrete during its operation in an aggressive environment, including sea water, oil and oil products.

• HIGH STRENGTH: The use of additive D - 5 increases the strength of concretes at the age of 28 days by 30% - 70% in comparison with concrete without additives (in equally mobile mixtures), or allows to reduce cement consumption by 15 - 20% .

• ACCELERATION OF THE STRENGTH RECEIVING PROCESS: The normalized 100% - the strength of concrete with the addition of D - 5 is achieved in 3 - 7 days of hardening under normal conditions, which allows reducing the time of monolithic construction by at least 25 - 30% while improving the quality and durability structures; and in the production of prefabricated reinforced concrete structures, it allows to exclude the process of heat and humidity treatment, replacing it with heating in a "thermos" at a temperature of 30 - 40 ° C.

• HIGH FROST RESISTANCE: The use of D - 5 additive increases the frost resistance of concretes by at least 2 grades and makes it possible to obtain concretes with frost resistance F400 and higher.

• PLASTIFYING: Additive D - 5 increases the mobility of concrete mixes from P1 to P5, or reduces water consumption by 15 - 20% in equally mobile mixes. When using additive D - 5, there is no need for additional use of plasticizers.

• STABILIZING: Additive D - 5 gives the concrete mixture water retention capacity, prevents delamination and improves pumpability. Increases the preservation of the mobility of concrete mixtures up to 2 hours or more (with an initial mobility of OK = 22 - 23 cm).

• AIR INTRACTION: Additive D - 5 provides a standardized air entrainment into the concrete mixture in the range of 3 - 4% for non - additive cements, and 4 - 6% - for cements with slag content up to 15% .

• SELF - HEALING OF THROUGH CRACKS up to 0.8 mm wide, which may appear in structures during operation due to dynamic loads, including seismic ones. Prerequisite: water filtration through cracks. Under normal conditions, this property is manifested in the fact that "cold" joints in concretes with D - 5 additive do not leak even during long breaks in concreting.

ECOLOGICAL: Additive D - 5 does not contain components hazardous to cement stone and reinforcement, it does not form toxic compounds in air and water. Additive D - 5 is approved for the production of concrete and reinforced concrete structures in contact with drinking water.

Recommended dosage: 2 - 3% by weight of cement

PACKAGING : 15 kg paper valve bags; big - bags of 1000 kg; paper bags, 1 kg.

STORAGE LIFE: not less than 24 months in dry conditions and in original packaging.


Additive D - 5 has proven itself in the construction of concrete and reinforced concrete structures in contact with water. It is used in the construction of foundations, tunnels, bridges, piles, underground parts of buildings, hydraulic facilities, reservoirs, piers, river and sea ports. In this case, no additional waterproofing is applied.

Additive D - 5 is used in the construction of critical structures - high - rise multi - storey buildings, television towers, chimneys, cooling towers, power transmission line poles, granaries, airfield runways, load - bearing structures made of pre - stressed reinforced concrete, etc.

It is recommended to use the additive D - 5 when performing plastering work on the facades of buildings and structures (including by gunning); when carrying out repairs in rooms with high humidity and in order to eliminate "fungus"; in the manufacture of concrete and mortar screeds (including under "warm floors"); in the production of dry building mixtures and small - piece concrete products. D - 5 is effective in the manufacture of grouting solutions, cementation of concrete space in tunnels and mines, in the manufacture of backfill mixtures for filling mine workings.

Advantages of using multifunctional additive D - 5

  • The construction technology is being simplified.
  • The construction time is significantly reduced (by 25 - 30% ).
  • The finished structure acquires high performance characteristics.
  • Effective savings are achieved (no secondary waterproofing treatment of concrete surfaces is required, cement consumption is reduced, operating costs for maintaining buildings and structures, etc. ).
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Additive D-5 to concrete in paper bags 15 kg
Additive D-5 to concrete in paper bags 15 kg
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