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Addressable hub "planet-ak" ip30 / ip65 buy in Rjazan
Buy Addressable hub "planet-ak" ip30 / ip65
Addressable hub "planet-ak" ip30 / ip65

Addressable hub "planet-ak" ip30 / ip65

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Technical characteristics
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Certificate of compliance with the requirements of GOST R 53325 - 2012 No. SSBK RU. ПБ25.B.04572 . Valid from 05/29/2017 to 05/28/2022.

Addressable concentrator "Planet - AK" (hereinafter referred to as AK) is designed to expand the capabilities of the addressable fire alarm system "Planet" by connecting to the addressable system of addressless fire detectors of the IP212 - 69 / 1MR type . This can be expedient and economical when it is necessary to protect premises large in area or length (hangars, corridors, etc. )

AK is included in the address loop of the addressable control panel "Planet - APKP - M" or "ASPS Planet - 4" .

For APCP, it is functionally the same device as an addressable detector. Together with AK, addressable fire detectors - IP212 - 83 (smoke) and IP101 - 34 - A1 (thermal) can be used on the addressable loop .

IP212 - 69 / 1MR non - addressable fire detectors are connected to the AK for one two - wire loop. Up to 60 detectors can be installed on the loop. For non - addressable fire detectors, the AK is a control and monitoring device. The logic for processing signals from non - addressable detectors - issuing a "Fire" signal when one or two detectors are triggered - is selected by setting the XS7 jumper on the AK board to the appropriate position (jumper is installed - the decision about the onset of fire is made after two detectors are triggered; the jumper is not installed - the decision about the occurrence fire is received upon triggering one detector).

AK is produced in two versions: standard (IP30) and industrial (IP65, with sealed glands).

Structural diagram of connecting AK to APCP

Main technical data and characteristics

supply voltage 24 V
average current consumption (excluding current consumption by non - addressable detectors) 15 mA
unaddressed loop voltage AC supply voltage
maximum number of detectors on an unaddressed loop 60 pcs.
maximum resistance of wires of an unaddressed loop 50 ohm
maximum capacity of an unaddressed loop 0.5nF / Ohm
Operating temperature range from 0⁰С to + 50⁰С
maximum permissible relative humidity of the environment 93% at 40⁰
dimensions 121x121x50 mm (standard version),
157x121x50 mm (industrial version)
AK weight no more than 0.6 kg
degree of protection provided by the shell in accordance with GOST 14254 - 2015 IP30 (standard),
IP65 (industrial design)
maximum number of AK on the loop 127 (it is necessary to calculate the parameters of the backup power source based on the total current consumption of all used AC)
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Addressable hub "planet-ak" ip30 / ip65
Addressable hub "planet-ak" ip30 / ip65
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