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AF-006 filter

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We offer bench gas fittings on a high pressure:

Gate AV-011M (Du =5, Ru =400), AV-013M (Du =10, Ru =400), AV-018 (Du =8, Ru =400), AV-019 (Du =8, Ru =400) balloon, AV-020 (Du =8, Ru =350), AV-025 (Du =5, Ru =100), AV-027, AV-043, AV-046, AV-048, AV-049M, AV-053, AV-054, AV-055, AV-071, AV-074, AV-075, AV-077 (Du =32, Ru =400)

Valve gate-type AT-016 (Du =20, Ru =3-400)

AO-002M backpressure valve (Du =10, Ru =250), AO-003M (Du =10, Ru =400), AO-004 (Du =8, Ru =20), AO-010 (Du =15, Ru =400), AO-012, AO-013, AO-014 (Du =25, Ru =50-400), AO-015 (Du =60, Ru =400), AO-019, AO-022, AO-023, AO-033, AO-034, AO-035, AO-036, AO-037, AO-040 (Du =20, Ru =3-12)

Valve safety AP-003A (Du =14, Ru =0,2-0,7), AP-007 (Du =40, Ru =12-32), AP-008 (Du =14, Ru =3-12), AP-009, AP-012, AP-013, AP-014, AP-015, AP-017, AP-018, AP-020, AP-021 (Du =6, Ru =250-400), AP-023, AP-026, AP-027, AP-033, AP-037, AP-045, AP-046, AP-049, AP-050, AP-051, AP-052, AP-054, AP-055, AP-061, AP-063, AP-093, AP-094, AP-096, AP-098, AP-099 (Du =1,3, Ru =400), AP-102, AP-107, AP-108 (Du =32, Ru =200-400), AP-109, AP-118
AF-002 filter (Du =10, Ru =230), AF-003M (Du =25, Ru =400), AF-004M (Du =12, Ru =400), AF-005M, AF-006, AF-007, AF-010, AF-012M, AF-015, AF-016, AF-017 (Du =100, Ru =400), AF-020, AF-026, AF-028, AF-031, AF-032, AF-034, AF-044, AF-045 (Du =6, Ru =400), AF-046, AF-047, AF-048
Reducer of AR-002, AR-003, AR-004, AR-005, AR-006, AR-008, AR-009, AR-011, AR-012, AR-013, AR-014, AR-015, AR-016, AR-018, AR-020, AR-021, AR-023, AR-025, AR-031, AR-033, AR-034, AR-036, AR-037, AR-045, AR-050, AR-054, AR-058, AR-062, AR-081, AR-091, AR-098 of pressure

AE-003 electropneumatic valve (Du =8, Ru =8-50), AE-007 (Du =4, Ru =50-400), AE-009, AE-011 (Du =15, Ru =50-400), AE-012, AE-013, AE-014, AE-016 (Du =25, Ru =50-400), AE-020, AE-026, AE-027, AE-028, AE-029, AE-032, AE-044 (Du =0,5, Ru =1-400), AE-049, AE-050, AE-054, AE-056, AE-058, AE-060, AE-098, AE-119, AE-130, AG-008A (Du =45, Ru =50-400), AG-019 (Du =15, Ru =50-400), AG-020, AG-092 (Du =60, Ru =1-400)

AS-005 pneumorelay (Du =15, Ru =50-400)

Also T100 gate, etc., T600 pressure reducer, etc., valve safety T408, etc., valve return T300, etc., valve gate-type T210, etc.

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AF-006 filter
AF-006 filter
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