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AKIP V7-78/3 voltmeter

AKIP V7-78/3 voltmeter

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  • BrandАКИП
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AKIP V7-78/3 - the stationary voltmeter allowing to measure with high precision tension, resistance, frequency, and also to determine force of direct and alternating current and to take temperature. Measurement of temperature by means of the B7-78/3 voltmeter requires connection of the PT100 thermoresistor.

The B7-78/3 voltmeter will be useful at service and testing of radio equipment, assembly and adjustment of electronic devices, installation of systems of power supply, both household, and industrial. As the B7-78/3 voltmeter possesses good characteristics and provides high reliability of indications, it is used even at laboratory researches.

The user can independently choose the mode of measurements, define and establish necessary range. Also selection of the mode can automatically happen. During the work the B7-78/3 voltmeter automatically establishes zero value, in addition it has the built-in compensation of initial resistance. Thus, at measurements own resistance of cables will not affect results in any way.

The user can change units of measure manually. The AKIP V7-78/3 voltmeter removes values of measurements in logarithmic and in absolute measures. The device is equipped with functions for mathematical processing of the received values that simplifies the subsequent analysis of results. The AKIP V7-78/3 voltmeter has the two-lower case monochrome VFD display to which not only the obtained data are output, but also the mode of measurements and all main processes is displayed.

The B7-78/3 voltmeter defines minimum and maximum measured indications which automatically remain in memory. For the subsequent, more detailed processing, the obtained information can be transferred to the personal computer. For synchronization with the personal computer complete with the AKIP V7-78/3 voltmeter the USBTMC interface is delivered.

The B7-78/3 voltmeter is powered from a network. Its case is isolated and made of shock-resistant materials therefore to the device even falling from height more than a meter will not do much harm. The B7-78/3 voltmeter is delivered together with the USB cable, a network cable, a moisture protective cover, a disk with ON.

 - B7-78/3
Constant tension
Limits of measurements 100 mV / 1/10/100 / 1000 V
Permission 0,1 / 1 / 10/100 mkv / 1 mV
Error (0,008%izm. + 0,0045%diapazon)
Relation of tension U1/U2 (constant)
Entrance impedance 10 megohms for limits of 100 and 1000 V, 10 GOM for other limits
Limits of measurements 100 mV / 1/10/100 / 750 V (3 Hz … 300 kHz)
Permission 0,1 / 1 / 10/100 mkv / 1 mV
Error (0,12%izm. + 0,04%diapazona)
Direct current
Limits of measurements 10 / 100 ma / 1/10 And
Error (0,05%izm. + 0,01%diapazon)
Shunt resistance -
Alternating current (TRMS)
Limits of measurements 1 / 10 A (3 Hz … 5 kHz)
Permission 1 / 10 mk
Error (0,2%izm. + 0,04%diapazona)
Resistance (2nd and 4th pr.)
Limits of measurements 100 Ohm / 1/10 / 100 kOhm / 1/10 / 100 megohms
Permission 100 mky / 1/10 / 100 megohms / 1/10 / 100 Ohms
Error (0,02%izm. + 0,002%diapazona)
Current through resistance -
Limits of measurements 1/10/100 nf/1/10/100 mkf/1/10 mf
Error (1%izm. + 0,5%diapazon)
Test current 10/100 mka/1 ma
Chain pro-ring
Operation threshold 1 Ohm … 1 megohms (for choice) - the manager. lips. 100 Ohms
Test current 1 ma
Check of p-n of transition
Test tension 1 In (permission 10 mkv)
Test current 1 ma
Frequency - the period
Range of measurements 10 Hz … 300 kHz (from 100 ms to 3,3 microsec)
Entrance level 100 mV … 750 V cf. quarter.
Range of measurements - 200 WITH ° … +850 WITH °
(with the help termore-
zistor of the PT100 type)
Thermocouples Does not support
General data
Interface USBTMC (Test & - Measurement Class)
Supply voltage 100/120/220/240 V - frequency 50 / 60 Hz
Sizes (Ш×-В×-Г) 215 ×-89 ×-281 mm
Weight 2,23 kg
Options The GPIB interface (COP) or RS-232, 10 canal / 20 canal the scanner for B7-78/1

Standard complete set: Measuring wires, a food cord, the USB cable, rukovodstvopo operation, a CD disk with ON.

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AKIP V7-78/3 voltmeter
AKIP V7-78/3 voltmeter
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