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Alfalfa pellets (pelletized grass meal) buy in Joshkar-ola
Buy Alfalfa pellets (pelletized grass meal)
Alfalfa pellets (pelletized grass meal)

Alfalfa pellets (pelletized grass meal)

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Russia, Joshkar-ola
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Technical characteristics
  • Country of manufactureRussia
  • Plant manufacturerСернурский опытно-производственный завод, ООО СОПЗ

Products: Alfalfa pellets is a natural protein - vitamin supplement in feed for farm animals made from crushed grass, harvested in the early phases of the growing season, dried and subsequently granulated. SOPZ LLC produces geological and technical measures from: goatskin, alfalfa, horned lamb, forbs. For ease of transportation and storage, the ground grass meal is granulated. Buy in Russia for export, Mari El, Yoshkar - Ola.

Purpose: We offer you to increase the qualitative and quantitative indicators of the productivity of farm animals and poultry (average daily milk yield up to 12% , young cattle gain by 15% , fattening pigs by 18% , poultry by 12% , egg production by 15% ), reduce costs feed up to 30% by introducing into the diet of animals highly effective granular hay from goat, alfalfa, lamb, horned, forbs.

In cattle rations, granulated grass meal replaces up to 30 - 40% of concentrated grain feed, 10 - 15% of herbal flour is included in the compound feed for pigs, up to 80% for sheep and horses, thereby reducing the cost of animal feed.

Appearance: granules.

Color: Greenish - Yellowish 

Price: Formed on each batch of goods in the range

Form of payment: prepayment

Delivery form: as agreed, pickup, auto, railway and sea transport.

Geography of supplies: applies to all regions of the Russian Federation and for export.


  • Polypropylene bags (30 - 35 KG. )
  • Paper bags (20 - 25 KG. )
  • Big - Run (1000 KG. )

For ease of transportation and storage, the ground grass meal is granulated. The final product - herbal granules - a source of digestible protein, vitamin and minerals for all types of farm animals and birds, containing all the essential vitamins, amino acids, macro and micronutrients.

Pelletized grass meal contains only natural ingredients and does not contain GMOs. Using it, you increase environmental friendliness, as well as the quality of the final product (meat, milk, eggs) and, therefore, the selling price of the product. Alfalfa pellets is an excellent delicacy for animals and birds, which brings excellent taste sensations.

The process of granulating coarse feed increases the digestibility of such feed. The obtained hay granules acquire new properties and better nutritional indicators. The granulation process has a positive effect on the change in the physicochemical properties of cells. In addition, an increase in temperature favorably affects the release of fat from the fat cells of grass components, reduces the viscosity of fat, uniformly enveloping the warm and moist surfaces of the granules, ensuring complete preservation of nutrients. Exposure to steam during the granulation process sterilizes hay, killing possible harmful microorganisms. One kilogram of hay pellets replaces 1.6 - 1.8 kg of hay.

Herbal flour is a rich source of protein, fiber, calcium, vitamins E and group B.

Produced products:

  • Fodder yeast;
  • Fodder yeast from grain stillage;
  • Protein feed mixture;
  • Granular grass meal.
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Alfalfa pellets (pelletized grass meal)
Alfalfa pellets (pelletized grass meal)
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