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Analyzer of a range PULSE LAN-XI, Bruel&Kjaer

Analyzer of a range PULSE LAN-XI, Bruel&Kjaer

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LAN-XI is the multi-purpose system consisting of the modular devices integrated by means of a rack.

Each module can independently be used as the input equipment, or become part of the distributed modular system. One 30-channel system can be organized in one rack, and then can be easily separated into separate 6-channel systems /

The 4/6-channel module of input of model 3050 is a kernel of family of modules of input of LAN-XI and is intended for application in as much as possible range of applications for measurement of a sound and vibration. The module is delivered in two main executions having four and six high-precision input channels with a frequency range from 0 to 51,2 kHz.

The three-channel module of input LAN-XI 3052 is developed especially for measurement of a high-frequency sound (more than 50 kHz) and vibration signals. Model 3052 has three input channels with a strip of frequencies from zero to 102,4 kHz.

The 12-channel module 3053 represents the constructive block of high scale of integration for systems on more than 60 canals which can be used also as the separate 12-channel sound analyzer and vibration having the minimum sizes. Besides, the module 3053 can be combined with other LAN-XI modules on a network or by means of equipment LAN-XI racks that allows to create very compact multichannel systems

The auxiliary entrance module 3056-A-040 is intended for application in those areas where monitoring of low-frequency voltage signals along with signals of a sound and vibration is necessary. The module possesses four input channels with bandwidth 51,2 kHz and eight auxiliary channels which digitization is carried out at the same time. Uniqueness of model 3056 consists in an opportunity to work with the high-frequency signals of a tachometer arriving on channels with 1 on 4 that allows to write down signals and to make their analysis in angular basis.

The combination of entrances and generating exits does the module 3160 by the finished probing system with functions of the analysis. It is ideal for application in those areas where excitation of system, for example, in sound tests and electroacoustics is necessary. The module 3160 is delivered in two basic executions, allowing to make a choice between availability of two entrances and two exits or four entrances and two exits. All input and output channels possess with a frequency range from 0 to 51,2 kHz. The device of model 3160 can work as the unimodular probing system, and also to be part of big measuring system of LAN-XI. The combination of the input and output channels does it to one of the most universal modules of data collection, and the possibility of replacement of front panels provides flexibility of connection of a wide set of sensors.

The high-frequency LAN-XI module of 3161 type is intended especially for high-frequency appendices, such as, calibration of sensors and underwater military equipment. The module possesses one input channel and one output channel of the generator. Both channels have frequency range from 0 to 204,8 kHz. On the front panel (UA-2117-011) of the module three connectors are located: Direct/CCLD (Direct connection / power supply of the line a direct current), 200 V (200 V) and Charge (Charge), models 8103, 8104, 8105 and 8106 allowing to connect to it practically any microphone and the accelerometer, including the hydrophone. The generator allows to create a signal with a frequency up to 204,8 kHz that excludes need of application of an external doubler of frequency in the course of calibration of sensors.
The accumulator module 2831-A is the rechargeable Li-Ion accumulator intended for a power supply of modules and racks of LAN-XI which has the size and the form corresponding to the standard module of input-output LAN-XI. The accumulator possesses with a rated capacity of 91 W • h also provides till eight o'clock a continuous work of one LAN-XI module or till 40 minutes of completely loaded model 3660-D LAN-XI rack.
The software for the PULSE system

Software basis (further ON) for conducting measurements on the PULSE platform is the FFT&CPB Analysis module (BPF-and the 1/n-octava analysis) of type 7700. In addition it is possible to acquire separate licenses for specific methods of the analysis: FFT Analysis module (BPF-analysis) of type 7770 or CPB Analysis module (1/n-octava analysis) of type 7771. In addition to the basic module it is possible to establish other software of the PULSE system, for example the Multichannel Data Recorder module (The multichannel data recorder) of type 7708.

Expansion of opportunities of a platform
PULSE: Collecting temporary data 7705
PULSE: Registrar of temporary data 7708
PULSE: Browser 7709
The IDAe driver for I-deas® BZ-5231
PULSE Reflex: Basic module 8700
PULSE Reflex: Basic module of post-processing 8702
PULSE Reflex: Expanded processing 8703
PULSE Reflex: The standardized 1/n-octava analysis 8706
LAN-XI NotarTM BZ-7848-A

Appendices for the analysis of acoustics
PULSE: Quality of a sound 7698
PULSE: Identification of a source of a sound 7752
PULSE: Material tests 7758
PULSE: Expanded analysis of intensity 7759
PULSE: The consultant for acoustic tests 7761
PULSE: ON for tests for compatibility at journey of the car 7788-A
PULSE: Tests at journey of the car 7788-B, C
PULSE: Measurement of noise in the car 7793
PULSE: Measurement of power of a sound 7799
PULSE: Determination of power of a sound of the wind turbine 7914
PULSE: Forming of the spherical directional pattern 8606
PULSE: Acoustic holography 8607
PULSE: Forming of the directional pattern 8608
PULSE Reflex: Metrics of quality of a sound 8710
PULSE: The analysis of quality of a sound with a loudness assessment on Tsvikkera BZ-5265
PULSE: Serial analysis of quality of a sound of BZ-5277
PULSE: The stand for psychoacoustic tests of BZ-5301
Package of automatic scanning for the 7761 BZ-5370 module
PULSE: Addition for definition of the situation BZ-5611
PULSE: Quasistationary calculations of BZ-5635
PULSE: BZ-5636 transient analysis
PULSE: Conformal calculations of BZ-5637
PULSE: Directional pattern of a moving source (motor transport) of BZ-5943
PULSE: Directional pattern of a moving source (railway transport) of BZ-5939
PULSE: BZ-5640 covering contribution
PULSE: PULSE: Analysis of intensity of the BZ-5641 components
PULSE: Absorption on BZ-5642 workplace
PULSE: The orbital module for electro-acoustic measurements 7797
PULSE: Electro-acoustic measurements 7907
PULSE: Voice tests for devices of a public address system 7909-S1
Testing of telephone sets by means of the PULSE BZ 5137 system
PULSE: The analysis of the set mode - harmonic distortion of BZ 5548
PULSE: The analysis of the set mode - intermodulation distortions of BZ 5549
PULSE: The analysis of the set mode - distortion at difference frequencies of BZ 5550
PULSE: Schedule of an orientation and polar schedules of BZ 5551
PULSE: BZ 5600 synthesizer
The dispatcher of data of PULSE (PDM) for the electro-acoustic researches BZ 5601
PULSE: Application for testing of BZ 5602 receivers
PULSE: Application for testing of BZ 5603 loudspeakers
PULSE: Calculation of the small Thiele BZ 5604 parameters
PULSE: The analysis of transition process - harmonic distortion of BZ 5742
PULSE: Application for testing of BZ 5743 microphones
PULSE: Application for testing of BZ 5744 earphones
Diagnostics of mechanisms
PULSE: Serial analysis 7702
PULSE: The serial analysis by means of Volda-Kalman's filters 7703
PULSE: The analysis bending around 7773
PULSE: The consultant for balancing in two and several planes 7790-A/B
PULSE: Vibration tests of aircraft engines 7795
Diagnostics of mechanisms
PULSE: The analysis of vibrations for aircraft engines 7906-S1
Orbital and polar schedules for the PULSE WT-9695 system
PULSE Reflex: Serial analysis 8704
PULSE Reflex: Expanded serial analysis 8705
Analysis of dynamics of designs
PULSE: Consultants for tests of dynamics of designs 7753/7765
The modal and structural analysis of ME'scopeVESTM, including the PULSE system interface for compatibility with the ME'scope 7754/7755-A module
PULSE: The modal analysis in operating conditions (OMA) 7760
Batch operation for the OMA Pro BZ-8527 module
PULSE: Analysis of MIMO systems 7764
PULSE: Addition of ODS for the analysis of dispersal/braking of BZ-5612
PULSE: Addition for animation of BZ-5613
PULSE Reflex: Interfaces for a method of final elements 8718
PULSE Reflex: Analysis of geometry 8719
PULSE Reflex: Modal analysis 8720
PULSE Reflex: Expanded modal analysis 8721
PULSE Reflex: Correlation analysis 8722
PULSE Reflex: Analysis of shock frequency characteristics 8730
PULSE: Source Path Contribution method (Sound source contribution) 7798
PULSE: DTS program (Testing of detectors) for the simulator of characteristics of noise and vibration (NVH) 8601
Management of tests and data
PULSE: Dispatcher of data 7767
PULSE: Management of files of temporary data 7789
PULSE: Dispatcher of tests of cars 7796
PULSE: Communication with ASAM ODS 8605
PULSE: The interface for the tire CAN BZ-5610
Noise and vibration of a circumambient
PULSE Reflex: Analysis of acoustics of buildings 8780

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Analyzer of a range PULSE LAN-XI, Bruel&Kjaer
Analyzer of a range PULSE LAN-XI, Bruel&Kjaer
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