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Auto repair shop Valdai Gas-33106 van watch buy in Neejneey novgorod
Buy Auto repair shop Valdai Gas-33106 van watch
Auto repair shop Valdai Gas-33106 van watch

Auto repair shop Valdai Gas-33106 van watch

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Russia, Neejneey novgorod
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Technical characteristics
  • BrandГАЗ
  • Country of manufactureRussia
  • Car makeГАЗ
  • Fuel TypeУточняйте

Auto repair shop Valdai Gas-33106 van watch

Production company of Autothat: sale to auto repair shop (van auto repair shop) on base Valdai GAS 33106 at the prices of the producer. Delivery across Russia!

The presented truck is an auto repair shop GAS.

The modification given the Valdai GAS 33106 model a van auto repair shop. The special car is equipped with windows that provides natural light, there is also an artificial lighting eating from the accumulator. The swing back door gives free access, an opportunity of opening from 180 to 270 degrees depending on a design. The van is made of galvanized steel, and the body has very strong welded framework. An internal covering from DVP, isolation - polyfoam.

It is reliable and favorable to buy auto repair shop Valdai GAS 33106!

Technical characteristics of auto repair shop Valdai GAS 33106:

Overall dimensions, mm length 6370
width 2300
height 2830
Base of the car, mm 4210
Wheel formula 4*2
The equipped mass of the car, kg 4000
Full mass of the car, kg 7400
Overall dimensions of a body, mm length 3910
width 2210
height 1835
Loading capacity, kg 3400
Vnutreniy sizes of a van, mm length 4000
width 2300
height 1950
Volume of a van, cubic meter. 15,8
Mass of a body, kg 500

Technical characteristics of the chassis Valdai GAS 33106:

Model Valdai GAS 33106 of the board/chassis 4*2
Valdai GAS 33106 is a popular medium-tonnage commercial truck with a two-door triple metal cabin. A platform of Valdai - metal with folding boards, on it it is possible to establish a body of any type and various superstructures. Loading capacity of Valdai is up to 4 tons. The board has a removable awning on a folding frame basis. Valdai gas is used for a cargo transportation, it is capable to work effectively in any road conditions under various weather conditions. Gas 33106 in comparison with the predecessor 33104 possesses the improved controllability and traction dynamic characteristics, noise level and vibrations is reduced, additional anticorrosive properties of a cabin are introduced, there is a cruise control, fuel consumption is cut. To Valdai a new series with the Cummins engine imported components are installed: ZF (coupling, the pump GUR), Anvis (engine mount), Knorr-Bremse (pneumocompressor), CAMOZZI (a fitting - the tight connections applied in brake system).
Overall dimensions, mm length 6050/6590
width on

to mirrors;

on a cabin;

on an onboard platform

2643; 2164; 2350
height on a cabin; on an awning 2245; 2980
Forward sves, mm 1030
Back sves, mm 1710
Wheel base, mm 3310
Track of wheels, mm lobbies 1740
back 1702
Road gleam, mm 177
Internal sizes of a cargo platform, mm length 3500
width 2176
height on a board; on an awning 515; 1480
Loading height, mm 985
Wheel formula 4*2
Places in a cabin 3
Full weight, kg 7400
Load of the road via tires, kgf lobbies 2100
back 5300
The equipped weight, kg 3500/3030
Loading capacity, kg 3500
The mass of the transported freight, kg 3925
Minimum radius of turn, m 6,4
Net volume of a platform, CBM. 3,91
Engine Cummins ISF 3.8S3129T is diesel
Engine type 4 cylinders, with a line arrangement. With a turbo-supercharging and a cooler of naduvochny air, liquid cooling
System of ignition microprocessor
Working volume, l 3,76
Extent of compression 17,2
Useful power, kW, (h.p.) 112 (152)
Maximum torque, Nanometer/min.-1 491 (50,1) at 1200-1900
Diameter of the cylinder and piston stroke, mm 102*115
Minimum steady frequency of rotation idling, mines-1 800
The maximum frequency of idling limited by the regulator min.-1 no more than 2950
Operating procedure of cylinders 1-3-4-2
The maximum speed of the movement with a full mass of the car, km/h 105
Time of dispersal of the car from the place to the speed of 80 km/h, with 40
Fuel consumption IN ACCORDANCE WITH GOST at a constant speed 60 / 80 km/h, l / 100км 12 / 15
System of ventilation open
Fuel pump of a high pressure With the fuel Common Rail equipment (BOCSH) CR/CP 3S3L110-30-789S Radial, the 3rd plunger, is equipped with the electromagnetic regulator of pressure and the mechanical pumping-up pump
Toplivopodkachivayushchy pump Mechanical — 3 as a part of TNVD, manual — in the case of the filter of rough purification of fuel
Accumulator of fuel of a high pressure Cylindrical, with the drain valve of limited pressure
Nozzles 0445 (BOSCH) with the electromagnetic valve of management
Oil heater Full-line, is included constantly
Cooling system Liquid, closed with priuditelny circulation of cooling liquid, with a broad tank
System of pressurization Gas-turbine, with one turbocompressor of HE211W, with the radial centripetal turbine, the centrifugal compressor and an air cooler of naduvochny air of tubular and lamellar type
Fuel diesel
Ecological class Euro-3, Euro-4
Engine resource 500 000
Guarantee for the engine 2 years or 100000 km
Coupling One-disk, dry, with the hydraulic drive
Transmission Mechanical, five-step.
Main transfer Odinary, gipoidny.
Suspension bracket lobby Dependent, spring, with telescopic hydraulic shock-absorbers
back Dependent, spring, with telescopic hydraulic shock-absorbers
Steering with the hydraulic booster The steering " mechanism the screw - a ball nut" with the built-in hydraulic booster. A steering column with a two-hinged steering shaft and the compensator, with the mechanism of adjustment of a steering wheel
Brake system worker The drive is pneumatic, double-circuit with ABS
spare Each contour of working brake system
parking The brake drive - pneumatic on a back axis, operates from the manual crane, is supplied with a signaling device on a guard of devices, brake mechanisms - with the pneumatic cylinder with spring accumulators
Brakes lobbies disk
back disk
Tires, dimension 215/75 R17,5
Guarantee for the car 2 years or 80000 km
Interservice interval 15000 km
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Auto repair shop Valdai Gas-33106 van watch
Auto repair shop Valdai Gas-33106 van watch
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