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Automated complex based on SCOA mine furnaces buy in Solnechnogorsk
Buy Automated complex based on SCOA mine furnaces
Automated complex based on SCOA mine furnaces

Automated complex based on SCOA mine furnaces

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Automatized thermal complex is designed to automatically perform thermal processing operations of mass and small-scale products with the ability to flexibly reconfigure both modes and sequence of thermal operations performed.

Automatized thermal complex consists of autonomous units of thermal equipment, combined into a single system of manipulator overload and control station based on PLC.

In depending on the customer's need, the complex can perform a full range of thermal and chemical-thermal processing operations of carbon, low- and medium-
  • The burning
  • Austenization
  • The pump into salt, water, oil or polymer solution
  • Insying after tempering in oil
  • Hestation
  • Cementation
  • Notation

Susable sets of furnaces with both protective (nitrogen, endogas) and air atmosphere.

Thermal Complex performs the following functions:

  • The loading rig with products from the garden assembly site
  • Transfers and loading the rig into the oven
  • Consignment of the necessary processing modes in the oven
  • Unload the rig from the oven or transfer to the next unit of thermal equipment or to the unloading site depending on the current program

Suploading and unloading work is carried out by an overload manipulator that is able to capture the loading rig without the operator's participation, and the furnaces are opened and closed automatically.

Shahtical performance of furnaces and three-coordination movement of the manipulator allows to minimize the area occupied by thermal equipment.

The heatproof overloaded glass protects the unit from the thermal radiation of the red-hot garden during overload operations.

The thermal complex may work both automatically on a pre-introduced program and in semi-automatic mode by pressing the operator of the appropriate buttons on

the control panel.

Automatized management, both equipment units and complex in general, eliminate the impact of the human factor, ensure high stability of technological parameters and reproducibility of the results of processing, as well as maximum flexibility of processes, both in relation to product range and in technology regimes, including in small-scale production.

Distributed complex control system is built on the basis of a high-performance programmable controller with a touch camera.

Operator panel serves as:

  • working of thermal complex programs;
  • visualization of current heat treatment modes in the elements of the complex;
  • visualization of the state of the complex mechanisms;
  • archiving data and connecting to your PC to view the oven information;
  • -alarm.

Panel has a friendly interface, understandable at the first steps of mastering equipment.

All the power equipment of furnaces, baths and mechanisms is mounted in separate cabinets installed directly next to the unit.


  • s high accuracy of regulation of TO regimes through the use of advanced regulatory algorithms and high-speed semiconductor switching devices.
  • sation of human influence through automated control based on PLC;
  • indrage of the space taken by the mine performance of furnaces, a three-coordination manipulator and excellent insulation qualities of lining materials;
  • maximum versatility of use in the face of rapid product changes;
  • s the highest reliability of the equipment due to the most remote mechanisms from the heat-laden areas of the furnaces;
  • upe traceability by archiving regimes with a control system.

South designation SCOA 10.20/7-O-S-PS-VO

O - heating under temper in the oxidative atmosphere

C - tempering in melts of salt

PS - salt rinse

VO is a high holiday


SCHOA 8.12/10 800s1200 600
SCHOA 10.15/10 1000s1500 o 1500
SCHOA 10.20/10 1000 x2000 o 3,000
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Automated complex based on SCOA mine furnaces
Automated complex based on SCOA mine furnaces
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