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Automatic welding semiautomatic device Woody's Cyclone 201 with a torch buy in Ulyanovsk
Buy Automatic welding semiautomatic device Woody's Cyclone 201 with a torch
Automatic welding semiautomatic device Woody's Cyclone 201 with a torch

Automatic welding semiautomatic device Woody's Cyclone 201 with a torch

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Technical characteristics
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The price of 18800 rubles for the Automatic welding semiautomatic device the inverter the Cyclone VUDI 201 is valid upon purchase of a set:



welding torch of Euro MIG 15


22200 rub.

The Automatic welding semiautomatic device the Cyclone" VUDI-201 for a single-phase network of food 220B intends for high-quality welding (a naplavka and cutting) a direct current welding electrodes (direct and alternating current) with various type of a covering and the melting electrode (a steel wire) of products from low-alloyed, low-carbonaceous and corrosion-proof (in the special gas environment) staly.

The circuit designer on whom it is developed and this unit is made, is among the last that as a result does this product to more perfect in difference from semiautomatic devices classical regarding dimensions and mobility, and regarding time of continuous process of welding. At the same time the unit gives excellent indicators of welding process. It is important to note, economical energy consumption of rather traditional transformer semiautomatic device.

The unit is manufactured with involvement of power keys (transistors) using IGBT technology of management.

The unit is supplied with three types of protection:

Protection against an overheat
Protection against short circuit ("Anti Stick")
Protection against high mains voltage

The functional options HOT START, ARC FORCE which are available in the unit give the following:

increase in quarrels. current on a short period above the established value, it is one-stage with ignition of an arch;
increase of quarrels. (for 20% of preset) at decrease in an arc piece to a minimum that as a result gives the chance instantly to melt metal of an electrode and the welded detail, without allowing to allow current along with this "KZ" and a preryva of an arch and, in parallel, to give to welding process stabilization;

Moreover, this unit possesses property of functioning at a low voltage.

The nature of this property is a low coefficient of transformation of the power transformer and powerful IGBT transistors.

At the same time start of the device in a network requires at least 175 V (tension below the specified value is not admissible). At the working device tension can "prosazhivatsya" till 170 Century.

In practice it yields the following results (on the example of welding in the MMA mode):

tension in a network of 200 V – an electrode of 4 mm, on an arch 200 A;
tension in a network of 190 V – an electrode of 4 mm, on an arch 180 A;
tension in a network of 180 V – an electrode of 3 mm, on an arch 150 A;
tension in a network of 170 V – an electrode of 3 mm, on an arch 120 A (stability of ignition of an electrode is already lower, than on 180B)

The Automatic welding semiautomatic device has potential of change of polarity on a torch. The rivets function which predetermines an option of establishment of the temporary period of giving of quarrels is added. a wire by means of single pressing of the button of a torch.

Optimum dimensions allow to involve this welding unit in installation works in stationary and "field" conditions.

Svarochnik "Cyclone" VUDI-201 has mission for exploitation in the covered ventilated rooms and on the areas of open type in the conditions of lack of rainfall, sand and dust at speed. air from-10 to +40 °C and and humidity of air to 90% at 20 °C.

Warranty period of operation of a product of 12 months from the date of realization (but no more than 24 months from the date of production).

Complete set of a svarochnik: a weight cable (2 m, 16 mm ²) with a clip like "crocodile", a welding cable with the elektrodo-holder (3 meters, 16 sq. mm), the passport/operation manual, gofrokorob. The torch needs to be got separately, is not included in the package.

Technical characteristics "Cyclone" VUDI-201 in the mode a semiautomatic device:

Tension of a power line, In
1 phase ~ 220

±10% 50 Hz

Maximum power consumption, kW

Period of operation (PN) at the maximum current, %

Idling tension, In (no more)

Limits of regulation of tension under loading, In

Limits of change of welding current, And

Thickness of the welded metal, mm

The applied welding wire, mm Ø

Possibility of change of polarity on a torch
is available

Limits of adjustment of welding in the rivets mode, sec.

Adjustment of giving of a wire, m/min

Coil capacity for a welding wire, kg
to 5

Gas switching off delay, sec. (not less)

Technical characteristics in the welding mode an electrode (MMA)

Tension of a power line, In
1 phase ~ 220

±10% 50 Hz

Maximum power consumption, kW

Efficiency (E), %

Power factor

Full capacity, V*A

Maximum current of welding, And

Limits of regulation of welding current, And

Period of operation (PN at 5 min. a cycle) at the maximum current, %

The maximum current at a long operating mode of S1 (% PN-100), And

Idling tension, In (no more)

Rated working voltage, In

The applied welding electrode, mm Ø

Overall dimensions, mm
410 x 210 x 280


The weight, kg (without welding cables)

Reviews of goods "Automatic welding invertor semiautomatic device "Cyclone" VUDI-201"


2015-12-22 7:14:52 PM

Bought this device it is happy with it cooks with a bang that elektorody that a provolka. It was pleasant given in the Rivet П/А mode. The shortcoming one quick-detachable pneumo-plug in a set does not enter. Sellers specify about it in the description. Searching at myself quickly of the plug I did not find this diameter in the city.


2015-10-17 5:52:23 PM

Bought welding of VUDI 201. Very much it was pleasant. There are small shortcomings: the case on rivets, a wire of food was loosened inside and the fan hoots. But all this trifles, cooks perfectly.


2015-09-14 11:12:16 AM

VUDI-201 it as from "seven" to change on AUDI Q7! Fairy tale! A trial seam on p / and on a profile 40*40. Impression - words not to describe! We go further: 10 mm of preparation by end faces end-to-end. The result - I, the 45-year-old man, jumped and rejoiced as the child! The seam is excellent, provar deep, ideal. 0.8mm sheets end-to-end and with an overlap - it is ideal! MMA-gives amusing peep, feature such. Shovchik-song! If to take - only that VUDI! On 5-ball system - 10!


2015-08-03 11:21:10 AM

Svarochnik was sent to VUDI-201 in day of payment. Everything perfectly works already, many thanks for efficiency. I recommend.


2015-06-25 11:01:40 PM

The device just super, I use year with superfluous continuous operation of any claim, a seam magnificent, cooks itself any efforts it is not necessary to apply. If to compare to expensive German or the Swedish equipment, then my opinion concedes nothing, and I have enough experience for comparison. Bought yet never regretted!!!


2015-05-25 0:21:52 PM

the super device, I advise!


2015-04-02 4:04:53 AM

For the Russian assembly (I do not know that inside) quality excellent! Otpakhat one and a half years in the rigid mode, grunted (that that blew up). While waited from repair Fubogom cooked (it was spat, but the order needed to be done). When brought I it it was ready to kiss. One upsets in Krasnodar do not repair.


2015-02-25 7:47:14 PM

I use 2,5 years it is very happy. In the beginning there were small nuances, the plant quickly rectified faults. Satisfies with everything to the declared parameters. I recommend.


2015-02-22 11:46:56 AM

Took for work in the specialist economy cooked everything and everywhere. Excellent device just song! The only thing when I was not it burned as explained to me began to cook arc, and the toggle-switch from a semiautomatic device was not switched.

Vladimir father Yury

2015-02-21 3:42:23 PM

It was necessary to look for such detalka across all Cheboksary as "Quick-detachable pneumo - the socket under a hose" since on collars it is not convenient to attach the device and it was constantly attached through a hose of giving of CO2 to a cylinder. This Italian miracle cost me the whole 500 rubles, in those to crisis years. If sold it on the website at once earlier as now, then by all means would get it together with the device that I advise all.

Vladimir father Yury

2015-02-21 3:36:46 PM

Took the device more than a 3 years ago, on same the website of Plant - conveniently and it is not necessary to overpay to intermediaries. Works to this day. Welded the rotted-through body the Gazelle-and, cooked profile pipes. Device super. I rejoice to this day. The only thing that when welding a thin tin of a gazelle it is necessary to expose the low speed of giving, and the low speed of giving for me of the beginner, the device copes, but not really, but privyknut quickly. But on metal that is thicker than 1 mm - the soul sings since already I expose higher speed of giving. It is simple and easy to cook pipes from 1,5mm, a seam very qualitative and equal. P.S. - before I never worked at semiautomatic devices and at once began to cook a cabin the Gazelle - it turned out, but it was necessary to put except factory repair details still till 20-25 of patches on each party. The device paid for itself. After 1 used kg coil 5. I consider myself practically as the professional on welding since VUDI-201 allows it. Also cooked strongly loaded designs, in comparison with usual electrode invertor welding as the sky and the earth, seams are much stronger. Buy on the website of the producer, i.e. here. The device costs the money.


2015-02-19 11:59:07 AM

Bought half a year ago - super welding! take do not regret.


2015-02-01 10:05:34 AM

take Woody you slushayte.varit of nobody and the soul sings also a crocodile of weight in general about anything.


2015-01-19 10:11:17 PM

Excellent svarochnik! Even perfectly works at very low voltage. The shortcoming only so far - is rather weak a crocodile of weight

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Automatic welding semiautomatic device Woody's Cyclone 201 with a torch
Automatic welding semiautomatic device Woody's Cyclone 201 with a torch
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