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Automation of drying cameras

Automation of drying cameras.

With development of new technologies, high requirements to the end result and ecology grow, demand also from producers of search of new approaches. All practical analysis and calculations are concentrated around "convective" cameras. Comer capable in one case to impregnate with liquid and gas preservatives, to dry and termirovat wood, except for the PVSK cameras, practically not. The mode of drying in different cameras proceeds on a miscellaneous and is assigned generally to the stoker who moves gates, throws sawdust in a fire chamber, controls temperature, more often it is casual people. Some producers accept also such approach, being covered with outdated opinion - it is difficult, expensive, inefficient.

In a wood - processing complex there are motions, especially in acquisition of the import equipment too. But not really these delivered technologies are considered new and advanced for today. In a wood processing chain drying is on the third place, after preparation and sawing up. At this stage further application and the expected final product which quality is defined by results of drying is defined. Not the camera or the equipment, and the technologist who is able to make correctly the technological program dries, having provided all possible options having given the chance to automatic equipment to make these or those decisions.

The cost of the controller does not influence quality of drying! ! !

On shoulders of automatic equipment a number of tasks lays down:

- At a stage of preparation and testing of quality of wood,

- Carrying out the correct technological process of drying.

- The smooth and operated timber warming up speed.

- Continuous, or on step control mode drying process.

- Use of a structure and chemistry of wood.

- Use and allocation from wood rectificate of the necessary substances.

- Minimum thermal losses, electricity economy.

- Protection of personnel, material of drying and ecology.

- Quality control of output material and documenting.

- Impregnation and thermomodification of wood as drying continuation.

- Material marking.

1. Automatic equipment has to define type and other parameters of wood, depending on quantity, thickness also are long, to define the program of drying taking into account season, days, temperatures of external air and atmospheric pressure.

2. In the course of drying to control the speed of increase of temperature, an air stream, to operate shiberny latches and frequency converters, to control by means of markers of movement and change of humidity in wood.

3. A selective way of a supply of heat on layers and stacks, depending on remote moisture, and also to more damp places. Sounding of EMS.

4. Record in memory of process of drying, comparison and development of offers, a conclusion of the schedule of drying to the display with prolongation of result.

5. Definition of the chemical composition of wood rectificate and its admission via the necessary catalysts.

6. Measurement of contents WITH and other gases in output air from drying installation.

For today the industry releases a number of the technological specialized controllers intended for wood drying which partially perform these or those functions. Proceeding from objectives, the design of the drying camera, has to is in full capable to consider and unite all these requirements in one case at the minimum expenses. Dry material is, no more, as there is no processing of such daily volume, and to store more than 10 days expedient volumes of cameras of 5 - 10 - 25 - 50 cubes, will lead to losses and losses in quality on the absorbed moisture from air.

The automated camera is distinguished by a design, volume of solvable tasks, reliability and lack of a human factor. High quality and speed of drying. Quality of wood is perfect another, wood absolutely equal, without tension, has no cracks, useful substances are kept and harmful are removed. In the same camera impregnation and its thermal modification is carried out.

Having glanced in the searcher of Yandex, Googl, it is possible to find a great number of the offered controllers of different function and difficulties. Depending on a design and purpose of the drying camera it is possible to divide all automatic equipment into three levels of complexity:

1. Simple, with function only drying and management in 1 - 2 parameters, temperature of the CU and Tm, TPM - XXX

2. Average complexity, conducting management of process of drying on temperature, the speed of an air stream with humidity measurement. Controller Aries of MPR - 51, Termodat - 17, Sensorik of Sh - 9324. The having PID - regulators, universal entrances etc.

3. Multipurpose with tracking of day and night, external temperature and pressure, regulation of internal temperature, speed and content of steam - air mix, pressure and humidity according to sensors from wood and installation. Siemens, MS - 2000, LG - 38,41, MV - 8000, WDEMCP - 2000, etc.

The simplest and cheap automatic equipment is implemented on MPR - 51 controllers. LLC MV - Impuls realized the scheme for the PVSK cameras, on its basis, allowing to measure and operate heating in the camera, to measure and operate vacuum in the camera, to measure in the konduktometrichesky way humidity of wood which as feedback, operates step - by - step process of drying. Existence of the transistor keys tied to the internal timer allows to operate also other additional devices of the drying camera.

SVD - 03 automatic equipment developed by Habarov Mikhail Vasilyevich, is most adapted to convective and other types of cameras of own and industrial production for today. Management of process of drying is made by electronics taking air temperature, humidity of air in the camera and humidity of wood. The fulfilled programs of drying are tied to our climatic zone and wood.

More expensive WDEVCP - 2000 MB - 8000, MS - 2000, LG - 41, SIEMENS controllers used in the cameras Delphi, Secal, Helios, Koetter have the programs which are not absolutely corresponding to our climatic zone and wood demand their reprogramming with participation of the programmer, technologist and operator of the drying camera.

For the economic reasons I cannot describe in more detail ways of the solution of above - mentioned problems of automatic equipment, they are solved and are used in designs the PVSK press and vacuum drying cameras.

Yours faithfully, Director of LLC MV - Impuls Grakhovsky Mikhail Vikentyevich.

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Automation of drying tunnels
Automation of drying tunnels
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