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AViTA preparation Composting organic waste

AViTA preparation Composting organic waste

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Our specialists have developed an effective method for composting organic and organomineral substances and waste - the introduction of alkaline humic preparations.

Organic farming is becoming increasingly popular all over the world - growing crops without the use of various chemical additives and fertilizing. High - quality compost from organic waste plays an important role in this process.

The essence of technology

Our specialists have developed an effective method for composting organic and organic - mineral substances and waste. It consists in introducing into the compostable mass of alkaline humic preparations of the AViTA® brand based on sodium, potassium and ammonium.

Sodium humate, potassium humate and ammonium humate are effective biostimulants for the growth and reproduction of native (natural, soil) microorganisms and soil - dwelling animals, for example, earthworms, as well as protozoa and higher plants.

Stimulation of the growth and development of micro - and macroflora and fauna in the compostable mass leads to a sharp increase in the rate of destruction of organic matter and a reduction in the time for composting from various organic and organic - mineral substances and waste.

Action of AViTA® brand preparations

  • accelerate the decomposition of complex organic compounds;
  • contribute to the rapid and correct maturation of the compost;
  • significantly improve the quality of the resulting material;
  • for a long time they maintain an active microflora in the compost, as well as an increased content of enzymes and enzymes, which ensures high biological activity and nutritional properties;
  • prevent the development of pathogenic microflora.

Being complex salts of monovalent cations, humic acids effectively bind heavy metal ions, thereby protecting microorganisms from the toxic effects of xenobiotics. At the same time, humates block the harmful effects on the microflora of such toxic components as synthetic surfactants, polyaromatic and polychlorinated compounds, pesticides, etc.

Our preparations provide effective transformation of organic substances due to the simultaneous flow of two multidirectional processes:

  1. Mineralization process leading to the decomposition of organic matter to simple mineral compounds up to carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides and water.
  2. The process of humification, leading to the cessation of the decomposition of organic matter at the stage of formation of individual fragments and to the synthesis of complex molecules from simple mineral compounds, mainly humic acids.

In this case, the process of humification of organic matter prevails over the process of its mineralization.

The result is high - quality compost with good fertilizing and reclamation properties. The end product can restore the properties of degraded and contaminated soil and increase its fertility.

Application technology:

  1. The working solution is prepared at the rate of 50 - 80 ml of AViTA® compostin per 10 - 12 liters of water for processing 1 ton of compost material.
  2. Organic waste is collected in a compost heap or compost pit at least 80 cm high or deep.
  3. It is best to spill the compost material in layers, while laying the compost in such a way that the mass is evenly spilled with the working solution.
  4. As a microbial seed, it is recommended to add soil to the compost mass in the amount of 2 - 3% of the total volume. After that, cover everything with foil to prevent the ingress of excess moisture and preserve the internal heat generated in the process of "microbial respiration" when composting organic waste.
  5. After two weeks of composting, the film is removed, the waste is mixed, and the process continues for another two weeks. In total, the procedure should last from 14 to 28 days. The composting period depends on the ambient temperature and the composition of the compostable material.


The quality of the finished compost must meet the following characteristics:

  • Reduction of volume by 20 - 30% (compared to the original).
  • Granularity: close to the free - flowing state of the compost mass at low humidity or monolithic - dense at high humidity.
  • Homogeneous black or black - brown color of compost with a characteristic "earthy" smell.
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AViTA preparation Composting organic waste
AViTA preparation Composting organic waste
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