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AViTA preparation Processing of cattle manure

AViTA preparation Processing of cattle manure

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Cattle manure is a source of raw materials for the production of high - quality organic fertilizers that increase soil fertility, but only if it is completely processed or fermented in a certain way. For this, preparations containing humic and fulvic acids are used.

Raising cattle on an industrial scale is a serious and quite profitable business. But large livestock complexes always face the problem of waste disposal - cattle manure. Animal waste products accumulate near farms, which can lead to:

  • deterioration of the ecological situation around the complex;
  • the spread of infectious diseases;
  • soil contamination with the penetration of pollutants into nearby water bodies.

Disposal of manure

Cattle manure is a source of raw materials for the production of high - quality organic fertilizers that increase soil fertility, but only if it is completely processed or fermented in a certain way. Removing unprocessed manure on the fields may not only not increase yields, but also harm crops.

The approximate chemical composition of cattle manure on the first day after removal from the farm:

Water 77.3%
Organic matter 20.3%
Nitrogen (N) total 0.65%
Nitrogen (N) ammonia 0.54%
Phosphorus (P205) 0.48%
Potassium (K20) 0.73%



Our company sets itself the task of making manure safe for agricultural crops, preserving and increasing the macronutrients contained in it. The technology of accelerated processing proposed by us completely solves the problem of waste disposal and allows additional profit from both the direct use of manure and from its sale. Recycled waste from cattle can be sold to other enterprises in the industry as organic fertilizer for the cultivation of agricultural crops, reclamation of degraded soils.

The essence of the processing method

The technology for accelerated processing of cattle manure into high - quality organic fertilizers is based on the aerobic - anaerobic method of manure bioconversion. For this, we use preparations of enzymatic action containing humic and fulvic acids * , which are produced by our company. When they are introduced into cattle manure, heat and mass transfer processes are intensified due to aeration. Oxidative and biochemical processes are sharply accelerated, the particle size of the biomaterial decreases. The composting period is reduced by 3 - 4 times.

The technology used makes it possible to ensure control of the composting process of cattle manure and to obtain on its basis high - quality organic fertilizers in accordance with the totality of sanitary and hygienic requirements.

Stages of cattle manure processing

  1. The slurry collected from the farmyards and slurry tanks of the manure storage is treated with the enzyme preparation AViTA® by spraying.
  2. The slurry treated with the enzyme preparation AViTA® begins to undergo a bioconversion process, that is, a change in chemical and physical properties. It's all about the composition of the drug, namely the content of special ions of humic and fulvic acids. The result is an ideal ratio for bioconversion of more than 70 different minerals, dozens of vitamins and amino acids. These biologically active substances quickly suppress pathogenic microflora, provide deworming and coagulation * , including due to the ability to penetrate through cell membranes.
  3. The next step in the processing of manure is its dehydration to 35 - 55% moisture using a powerful separator. Separated fractions - liquid and solid - go to different additional processing schemes:
  • Liquid - for cleaning and filtration. Further - for secondary use in the form of industrial water for flushing.
  • Solid - is laid in piles for biothermal aerobic fermentation for 14 - 25 days (depending on the ambient temperature). On the third or fourth day, due to the heat from the biological oxidation of manure substances, the temperature in the pile rises to the thermophilic level (60 ° C). Fermentation of the mixture lasts 5 - 8 days. During this period, weed seeds are destroyed, deworming, microbiological destruction of antiseptics, deodorization of the mixture by reducing the amount of volatile organic substances.
  • After fermentation of the mixture in thermophilic mode, its temperature gradually decreases from 60 to 20 ° C. At the same time, an additional decrease in humidity by another 12 - 15% is achieved due to the active evaporation of moisture.
  • The chilled mass has the following characteristics:
  • humidity 15 - 25% ;
  • no plant seeds;
  • there are no helminths;
  • no salmonella;
  • the smell of rotten earth;
  • the content of humic substances increases to 19% (in terms of carbon), the ratio of humic acids to fulvic acids reaches 2.9 (for chernozem, this ratio is 2.2).
  • If necessary, the cooled mass is subjected to granulation and packaging in plastic bags or big bags. The fertilizer is then ready for use.
  • At the request of the customer, it is possible to obtain additional products from the manure, for example, liquid fertilizers, solid fuel (pellets), soil (biohumus), etc.

The main differences of the proposed technology

  • Minimal preparation of manure as raw material for the production of organic fertilizer, as well as small storage areas.
  • Maximum reduction of the time for disinfection of manure on the territory of the livestock complex.
  • Stopping a fetid odor within 12 hours from the beginning of the drug.
  • Transfer from category III hazard class (dangerous) to class IV (low hazard) within 14 - 25 days, which entails a decrease in environmental payments.
  • Minimal CO2 and ammonia emissions into the atmosphere.
  • Possibility of deeper processing of manure to increase the market value of the resulting organic fertilizer.
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AViTA preparation Processing of cattle manure
AViTA preparation Processing of cattle manure
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