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B073 Semi-automatic screen printer

B073 Semi-automatic screen printer

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Semi - automatic screen printer Buran B073 is designed for applying solder paste through a stencil to printed circuit boards and works autonomously. This printer is the best option for advanced, small - batch and multi - product industries, as it provides quick changeover from one product to another, and also demonstrates high speed of work, which can be further increased by installing additional options that automate the process.

The printer has an original patented design and consists of a table with an electric lifting drive and a unit for applying the composition, which includes a frame fastening mechanism, an electric doctor blade system and a doctor blade head with a pneumatic blade drive.

The process takes place in several stages. The stencil, stretched over a special frame, is installed in the printer, the doctor blades are fixed, solder paste is applied and the print unit is retracted to the rear position, freeing up space for installing the board. The board is placed on the table, clamped, positioned, the rest of the processes occur automatically. The working unit moves to the front position, the table with the board rises to the position for application, pressure is applied to the doctor blades and the doctor blade at a given speed pushes the solder paste onto the base. Then the table with the board is lowered at a given speed and the work unit is retracted to the rear position, making room for removing the board and installing a new one.

The PCB is clamped using a pneumatic system. The printer allows you to adjust the clamping force of the boards. Such adjustment is made using a special regulator knob equipped with a pressure gauge to control the clamping force.

Optionally, the printer can be equipped with an automatic clamping force regulator. In this case, the clamping force is retained in the profile.

The printer uses a standard frame attachment system. The frame is fixed in special guides. Smaller stencils can be installed in the printer using special adapters. The standard printer supports 23 "(584x584mm) frames.

It is possible to manufacture the printer for wider frames on request.

Fixation in this case is carried out using mechanical clamps. It is possible to install the option of pneumatic frame fixation

Aligning the board with the stencil can be done in different ways, depending on the equipment of the printer. In the basic version, this alignment is performed using an optical system of two cameras. This system allows during the installation process to memorize the used fiducial marks, and then, by rotating special handles, align the pads on the board with them. The optical system is not just a "magnifying glass", but is processed using the printer software and makes the registration process simple and intuitive. The printer software contains a special assistant that graphically shows in real time the error in the alignment of benchmarks by angle and offset. With this wizard, the operator can perform precise alignment in seconds.

A distinctive feature of the design is that it is equipped with an electric table lifting drive. This solution makes it possible to carry out a uniform programmable "separation" of the board from the stencil after the completion of the process, adjust the gaps, and print on protruding elements. This design provides absolute "vertical" tear - off unlike traditional "book" desktop printers.

The patented retractable work assembly allows precise optical alignment, as opposed to "book" options, which require viewing "through apertures".

The operator uses the software to "see through the stencil" while simultaneously observing it with the base, allowing quick and accurate registration. A special software "alignment assistant" in real time gives tips on which knob to turn and in which direction. By following the advice of the “helper”, the operator can complete the alignment even faster.

When installed with the automatic alignment option, which includes motorized fine table adjustments and a motorized camera, the printer will be able to automatically align elements, thereby increasing speed and operator comfort. When using this option, it is enough to specify the holes that should be taken for fiducial marks, after which all actions for aligning the board are performed automatically. And retractable head technology will allow accurate alignment from the very first board, as opposed to semi - automatic printers requiring test print cycles.

This printer can be installed with 2D solder paste inspection option. It includes special software and is only available when the auto - align option is installed. In this case, the printer, after the end of the process, is able to inspect the quality of the solder paste application. In this case, places with its deficiency, as well as places of "short circuit", are automatically determined. This information can be automatically used by the printer to clean the template.

Optionally, the printer can be equipped with a fully programmable multifunctional cleaning system. A combination of dry and wet cleaning is possible, with or without vacuum, normal or with collection of the paste at the end of the pass.

The cleaning system is equipped with the function of counting the remaining towel for cleaning with a signal when the roll is empty. A sensor is provided to control the level of the cleaning liquid.

The main direction of work is back and forth. In this case, the printer can perform one or two passes (set by the program).

The pressure of the squeegees is manually adjusted by turning the control knob. When the automatic squeegee pressure maintenance option is installed, this pressure is set and controlled by a computer. In this case, the set pressure is saved in the print profile.

The printer is equipped with modern advanced software with a multimedia interface.

The interface itself is fully focused on the use of modern touch screen technology, so the use of a traditional keyboard and mouse is not required. The printer interface language is user configurable. Currently, support for the following languages is available: Russian, English. At the request of the user, localization into other languages can be carried out.

Price from 659,000 rubles.

JSC "Electrotechnical Plant" Zencha - Pskov "is ready to consider the possibility of manufacturing any metal product, plastic products, electrical products according to the design documentation of the customer.


Printer weight, kg 200 (depending on configuration) Power supply, V / Hz / W 230 / 50 - 60 / 800 Pneumatics Compressed air supply (pressure 5 - 6 bar) Ambient temperature, ° С + 10 . . . + 40 Dimensions (LxWxH), mm 1280x780x660 PCB thickness, mm 0.8 - 6 PCB dimensions, max. , Mm 400 x 460 Fixing the PCB Pneumatic clamp PCB support Magnetic blocks and rods Frame size with stencil, mm 584x584x33, as well as smaller size when using an adapter Frame thickness, mm 33 Stencil fixation system Manual clamping from the top, optional pneumatic clamping from the top Pneumatic line for stencil tensioning systems (optional) For stencil tensioning systems with pneumatic tension, a quick coupling is provided. Number of cameras 2 high - resolution video cameras (1 motorized video camera - optional) Alignment Accuracy ± 12.5μm @ 6s Application accuracy ± 25 μm at 6s Printing area, max. , Mm 460х360 Print speed, mm / s 5 - 200 Program creation Print Modes Semi - automatic, automatic Printhead Consists of two independent parts, free squeegee suspension Squeegee pressure 20 - 140N, controlled with an accuracy of 1N, set manually, optionally installed automatic squeegee pressure maintenance system with software settings and the ability to save in the print profile Squeegee type Any standard size (on request): 300, 350, 400, 450 mm Stencil and board separation speed Adjustable - from 0 to 1 mm / s, with the ability to set the tear - off speed Stencil cleaning system Vacuum (productivity up to 25 l / min), with the supply of cleaning liquid Control block Built - in microcomputer Data input Color touch display


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B073 Semi-automatic screen printer
B073 Semi-automatic screen printer
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