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B221-AC533 Convection Reflow Conveyor Oven

B221-AC533 Convection Reflow Conveyor Oven

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This convection reflow conveyor oven is designed for air soldering of printed circuit boards. The furnace is designed to work as part of production conveyor lines for the assembly of printed circuit boards or independently. The required brazing temperature in the oven working chamber, as well as other brazing parameters, are set using the control computer. PCBs with solder paste applied and installed components are placed on the chain conveyor manually or fed automatically from the previous device in the line. As they move along the conveyor, PCBs pass sequentially through preheating zones, peak zones and cooling zones. The unloading of the soldered PCBs at the furnace outlet is also carried out by transferring to the next device in the line or manually. Thanks to the active cooling system,

The furnace is equipped with eight heating zones (five preheating zones and three peak heating zones) as well as three active cooling zones. In all heating zones, hot air is supplied to the PCB from the top and bottom. The special design of nozzles for supplying hot air to the working chamber allows for high - quality soldering of electronic components, regardless of their shape and size. In addition, the stability of the soldering process is maintained by minimizing the mutual influence of the heating zones.

Control over the temperature profile in the working chamber is carried out using thermocouples, individually for each zone. The automatic control system allows you to maintain a given profile with high accuracy. The profile is formed by independently setting the temperature for each zone.

Cooling of printed circuit boards after the soldering process is carried out in the active cooling zone. The cooled air is prepared using a water cooling system with an integrated air conditioner. The cooling system is equipped with replaceable air filters.

This oven uses a chain needle conveyor. For transporting heavy or flexible boards, the conveyor is equipped with a central support system. The width of the conveyor and the position of the central support are programmed and supported by the system automatically by means of electric drives. In addition, it is possible to manually adjust the positions. If unnecessary, the central support can be moved to a special niche.

The oven is equipped with an automatic lubrication system for the conveyor chains and central support. The frequency and duration of chain lubrication are programmed.

The oven uses a digital conveyor speed controller, which ensures a stable speed regardless of time, temperature or load. The speed is set programmatically within the profile and can vary within wide limits: from 180mm / min to 1800mm / min.

The software implements visualization of the boards passing through the furnace tunnel. In addition, the occurrence of emergency situations is automatically distinguished: jamming of boards at the entrance or exit or falling of boards from the conveyor circuits.

When working as part of production lines, communication with the previous and next devices is carried out via the SMEMA interface. When receiving boards on the conveyor of the oven, the required period of time is ensured.

The oven software allows you to set up various energy saving modes. For example, the upper redistribution of power consumption can be programmatically set individually for each heating zone. By manipulating these values, the user can fine - tune the balance between "wake - up" speed and power consumption.

To ensure the operation of the furnace in automatic mode, a modern computer equipped with a color graphic monitor (22 "diagonal) with touch input is used. The software with a multimedia interface makes the operation of the furnace simple and convenient, allows you to control all aspects of the furnace operation, as well as create and edit a soldering profile. The interface language of the program is set by the user. The basic package includes support for only the Russian language. At the user's request, localization into other languages can be carried out.

All parameters of the soldering profile, including temperatures and conveyor speeds, can be saved for later use. The number of saved profiles is not limited.

Main settings
Dimensions (LxWxH) 3590х1480х1738 mm (the possibility of manufacturing according to the terms of reference)
Weight 1800 kg
Power consumption 7.5 kW (operating mode), 40 kW (starting)
Power supply 3 phases, 380 V, 50/60 Hz
Conveyor parameters
Conveyor width 65 - 400 mm
Conveyor speed 180 - 1800 mm / min
Zone parameters
Total length of heating zones 2100 mm
Cooling zone length 700 mm
Temperature parameters
Max. preheating temperature 300 ° C
Max. peak heating temperature 350 ° C
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B221-AC533 Convection Reflow Conveyor Oven
B221-AC533 Convection Reflow Conveyor Oven
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