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Baypren of 611 (Baypren 611)

Baypren of 611 (Baypren 611)

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Polychloroprene rubber Baypren - one of the most important types of synthetic rubber received by polymerization 2-chlorine-b utadiyena-1,3 or chloroprene in water emulsion. The polymerization regulators controlling the molecular weight of product are mercaptans (in rubbers of sour regulation) either sulfur or mix of sulfur with mercaptans (in rubbers of sulfuric regulation). Polychloroprene rubbers Baypren possess number of valuable qualities, for example the high mechanical strength increased by resistance to petroleum oils, influence of light and ozone thanks to what rubbers from duprene rubber widely apply to production of responsible details of special purpose.

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Baypren of 611 (Baypren 611)
Baypren of 611 (Baypren 611)
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