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Beam double-tee B K M W

Beam double-tee B K M W

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Russia, Ekaterinburg
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Beam double-tee </ strong> B K M W </ strong> Monorail wide-pillar, all sizes from 8 to 120 parallel-sided shelves, hot-rolled hot-drawn and electric-SRT AISU -93 GOST 26020-83 GOST 8239- 89

Beam double-tee </ strong> Hot-metal construction steel that is rolling and welded. Manufacturing of steel 3sp5 09G2S-14 C345 S255 3ps5 09G2S 10HSND 15HSND 25hsnd C 355 C 245 C245 S355. Beam double-tee truss.

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Gauge Beam GK and standard geometry monorail wide-columned </ strong>:
31 B 8 B 10 B 12 B 14 B 16 B 18 B 20 B 25 B 30 B 35 B 36 B 40 B 45 B 50 B 55 B 60 B 100 B 120 B 31B1 8B1 10B1 12B1 14B1 16B1 18B1 20B1 25B1 30B1 35B1 36B1 40B1 45B1 50B1 55B1 60B1 100B1 120B1 31B2 8B2 10B2 12B2 14B2 16B2 18B2 20B2 25B2 30B2 35B2 36B2 40B2 45B2 50B2 55B2 60B2 100B2 120B2 31B3 8B3 10B3 12B3 14B3 16B3 18B3 20B3 25B3 30B3 35B3 36B3 40B3 45B3 50B3 55B3 60B3 100B3 120B3 31B4 8B4 10B4 12B4 14B4 16B4 18B4 20B4 25B4 30B4 35B4 36B4 40B4 45B4 50B4 55B4 60B4 100B4 120B4 36 M 31 M 18 M 24 M 45 M 30 M 20 W 25 W 30 W 35 W 40 W 45 W 50 W 60 W 80 W 100 W 120 W 20SH1 25SH1 30SH1 35SH1 40SH1 45SH1 50SH1 60SH1 80SH1 100SH1 120SH1 20SH2 25SH2 30SH2 35SH2 40SH2 45SH2 50SH2 60SH2 80SH2 100SH2 120SH2 20SH3 25SH3 30SH3 35SH3 40SH3 45SH3 50SH3 60SH3 80SH3 100SH3 120SH3 20SH4 25SH4 30SH4 35SH4 40SH4 45SH4 50SH4 60SH4 80SH4 100SH4 120SH4 20 K 25 K 30 K 31 K 35 K 40 K 20K1 25K1 30K1 31K1 35K1 40K1 20K2 25K2 30K2 31K2 35K2 40K2 20K3 25K3 30K3 31K3 35K3 40K3 20K4 25K4 30K4 31K4 35K4 40K4.
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Beam double-tee B K M W
Beam double-tee B K M W
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