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Bionertic hoof glue (liquid ethyl methacrylate) buy in Gubkin
Buy Bionertic hoof glue (liquid ethyl methacrylate)
Bionertic hoof glue (liquid ethyl methacrylate)

Bionertic hoof glue (liquid ethyl methacrylate)

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Bionertic hoof glue (liquid ethyl methacrylate)


Hoofed glue is intended for gluing orthopedic wooden, polymer overlays for both cattle and small cattle, for “repair” hoof cattle, small cattle, for repairing hooves and gluing horseshoes to horses and other ungulates. Glue can be used to seal cut horns.


Hoofed glue is produced in the form of two components - a powder containing methacrylic acid polyesters and a benzoyl peroxide polymerization catalyst, and a liquid containing methyl methacrylate monomer or ethyl methacrylate monomer, after mixing which a polymer hardens without heating.

Methyl methacrylate is a precursor, it requires special conditions for storage, accounting and reporting to law enforcement agencies.

If the glue is made on the basis of ethyl methacrylate, then special conditions for storage, accounting and reporting to law enforcement agencies are not required, because ethyl methacrylate is not a precursor.


ATTENTION: Material stored or transported at low temperatures must be kept at room temperature for at least 1 hour before use.

The mixed pot life is 6–8 minutes.

After 1 minute, the glue becomes thicker and acquires adhesive ability.

After 3 minutes from the start of mixing, the “adhesive” ability disappears.

After 4 - 5 minutes, the mass solidifies with the release of heat (60 - 70ºС).

At 6 minutes, the final solidification takes place. The material exhibits the above properties at a temperature of 23.0 ºС.

The liquid is placed in a bottle of powder in an amount of 25.0 g. Thoroughly mixed. The bottle is covered with a lid and left to swell, stirring the mass once every 30 seconds. A mass is considered ready for use when it gains adhesive ability. The ripening time of the mass is approximately 1 - 2 minutes depending on the ambient temperature.


Liquid (bottle) - 25.0 g

Powder (can) - 50.0 g

Wood trim - 20 pcs.

Mixing sticks - 20 pcs.

Instructions for use - 1 pc.

Plastic container - 1 pc.


Silicon compounds contribute to the biosynthesis of collagen, maintaining equilibrium with calcium in the structures of animals.

The introduction of silicon oxide into the composition of hoofed glue, having low hygroscopicity, provides good moisture resistance, strengthens the quality of the connective tissue structures of the hoofed horn and indirectly acts anti - inflammatory, since silicon compounds are resistant to solar radiation, ozone, and also to biological damaging factors.


It has good anti - inflammatory properties, especially with various lesions of the skin structures. The hoof is also a derivative of the skin and the addition of zinc oxide to the glue mass eliminates the risk of inflammation when using glue.

Since zinc oxide has a pronounced effect of attracting water, its use as an adhesive gives the product not only a disinfectant, but also a drying, astringent and adsorbing property.


Copper sulfate has a broad antimicrobial effect. Until now, treating the hooves of highly productive cows with copper sulfate solution is the most common and effective way to prevent and treat various diseases of the hooves of dairy cows.

The addition of copper sulfate to the composition of the adhesive bioinert mass allows indirect prophylaxis of infectious diseases of the hoof wall.


The hoof wall consists of 95% keratin - a strong insoluble and colorless protein, which is rich in methionine formed from sulfur (aminoxylot). Keratin production also requires a substantial amount of zinc and biotin.

Sulfur is a critical nutrient for strengthening amino acids (protein particles), which serve as the main building blocks in collagen and forming a strong hoof wall.

The hoof wall fibers are very compact and dense. It is sulfur molecules that create very strong bonds that hold the fibers together. The addition of sulfur in the adhesive bioinert mass makes it possible to indirectly strengthen the hoof wall.


Often we encounter in cows with a disease such as Cow Wolfartyosis (Wolfahrtiosis), an invasive animal disease caused by parasitization in wounds, especially in the extremities, of the larvae of the fly Wohlfahrtia magnifica of the Sarcophagidae family.

Boric acid is one of the few antiseptics that has an effect against ectoparasites, therefore, the addition of boric acid, which has a disinfecting and antiparasitic effect to the composition of the adhesive bioinert mass, can prevent the development of exoparasites, including wolfarthiosis.


Calcium hydroxide is widely used in medicine, especially in dentistry and ottopedics. Calcium hydroxide, reacting with saline, has an antibacterial effect due to the reaction of the release of hydroxyl ions, which destroy the membranes and DNA bonds of microorganisms. Using the inclusion of calcium hydroxide in the composition of bioinert glue, it is possible to prevent the development of deep lesions of the tissues of the hooves and sole.
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Bionertic hoof glue (liquid ethyl methacrylate)
Bionertic hoof glue (liquid ethyl methacrylate)
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