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Boat of the Cauldron 5M7

Boat of the Cauldron 5M7

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandГараев З.М.
  • Country of manufactureRussia

In a design the top dural part of motor is lodkizamenyat by a fiberglass insert which is inserted in dural the dnishcheseriyny boat of "Cauldron-5M4" in the form of an otdelnogotselny segment of the cup-shaped type having a minimalnovozmozhny complete set in basic option.

Such composite design of the motor-boat bears in sebekak all advantages of the basic boat of "Cauldron", so an iprivlekatelny, modern type of internal part - a cockpit.

More in more detail about the boat of the Cauldron 5M7 on the website .

The design of a motor boat of "Cauldron-5M7" in basic variantepredstavlyat itself the composite boat of open type without deck part (vmestopaluba the additional 1,5-seater seat is designed).

Advantages of a motor boat of "Cauldron-5M7" in comparison by the serial boat of "Cauldron-5M4":

  • The retsesny niche under installation of the engine (now it is possible ustanovittolko 1 PLM) is reduced, owing to what the trantsevy part of the boat became much stronger - the fiberglass top in addition strengthened a power design of a dyuralevoychasta of the boat.
  • Poles became 100 mm higher, an opportunity popadaniyabryzg to the region of a back seat thereby decreased.
  • In fodder part power kerchiefs along longerons are added - between 9 and 8 frames which are at the same time carrying out a role of sewing for a blokovnepotoplyaemost, also being elements of strengthening of tranets owing to cheg a combination to walls of a fiberglass retsess on the new boat to mozhnoustanavlivat heavy 4-stroke PLM to 50 p/a, without any completions.
  • In addition to it when filling by polyurethane foam of the emptiness intended for buoyancy blocks the fodder inosovy part of the boat therefore noise of the boat on a wave disappeared in addition amplified. Driving on a lodkestal is more comfortable.
  •  At long operation the problem of leakages from-zasnizheniya vibration of dural sheets of the bottom is fixed. Now floodability blocks from PPUNE are painted and not dissolved by gasoline or other himicheskimirastvoritel.
  • The fiberglass cockpit became more comfortable - a teploprovodnoststekloplastika much less, than duralumin, thereby onboly is favorable for a body of the person - does not burn during a heat and does not vykholazhivat at a pasmurnoypogoda.
  • Smooth contours of internal part of the boat exclude a possibility of cuts, hooks of clothes and other troubles for sharp parts of the boat in a protsesseekspluatation.

In process of the organization of production further on the boat there will be predlagatsyaotdelny fiberglass blocks - segments (consoles, runduk, removable cowls Ypres.) in various combinations of installation as dopolnitelnyekomplektuyushchy.

Technical characteristics of the motor-boat (motor boat) of the Cauldron 5M 7

Length, m 4,60
Maximum width, m 1,65
  boards on a midship section, m 0,78
  tranets, mm 380
Number of passengers, persons. 5
Weight, kg 220
Case riveted
Case material alyum. D1AT
  bottoms, mm 1,8
  in the field of tranets, mm 2
  boards, mm 1,2
  in nasal part, mm 1,5
Rekomend. engine capacity, h.p. 40-50

Basic complete set of the boat of the Cauldron 5M7

  complete set
complete set
complete set
The onboard combined fire
Circular top fire
Mooring ducks (4 pieces)
Viewing hatch
Drain hose with a glass
The channel under steering a cable
Stopper rubber with a lock (2 pieces)
Drain stopper with a clamp
Cover of a back seat with a niche under a fuel tank and the accumulator
Color of plastic: white
Arm under installation of a pomp  
Steering console  
Steering wheel  
Steering reducer  
Steering cable  
Curbstone (runduk) driver  
Panel of switches  
Cover of a forward luggage carrier  
Passenger's console    
Curbstone (runduk) passenger    

Additional equipment of the boat of the Cauldron 5M7

Stationary fuel tank with the sensor, 60 l.
Stationary fuel tank with the sensor, 90 l.
Stationary fuel tank with the sensor from stainless steel, 100 l.
Additional tranets under the small motor
Trantsevy platform (crinoline)
Targa with a spinningoderzhatel (stainless steel) - 8 pieces.
Awning running *
The awning is shipping
Filter of tonoky cleaning (separator)
Installation of the motor
Cover for the motor
Framework cart for PLM
Installation of devices (tachometer) - work for 1 piece.
Installation of an additional pomp (automatic)
Installation of a headlight on a container (radio-controlled)
Installation of additional fires in a cockpit - work for 1 piece.
Installation of the sonic depth finder
Installation of glasses of spinningoderzhatel (cut-in)
Ladder fodder
The console for towage of the skier
Table in a cockpit
Painting of the boat in camouflage color
Soft pillow on a cover of a front seat
Soft pillow on a cover of a back seat
Soft pillow on a curbstone runduk
The weight switch with a key
The anti-sliding covering
Forward, lateral, back railing
Folding oar (1 to - t)
The first-aid kit is repair
Anchor folding "cat"
Device saving "PS" (6 people)
Saving end of "Alexandrov"
Tench saving (floating) - 30 m
Scoop (floating)
Whistle alarm "SOS" (floating)
Electrofire for a complete set of life jackets
Horn foggy plastic (floating)
Installation of a horn foggy
Life jacket "Bib" (adult, over 35 kg of a vesachelovek)
Life jacket "Bib" (children's, to 35 kg)
Fire (OS-01) self-lit
Towing and mooring rope (10 m)
Otporny hook
Koshma or tarpaulin 1,5х1,5
Medical first-aid kit
Falshfeer red color - 2 pieces.
Disaster rocket
* the Awning running is made of Sanbrell's tissue. Has a nasal apron, the transparent window leaf closing pass of a mezhdukonsolyama, arch from the anodized mm Ø22 aluminum, the coming unfastened bokovyeprozrachny windows, transparent inserts in front and in the back valve, krepleniyepo to perimeter corrosion-proof knopkamidot.
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Boat of the Cauldron 5M7
Boat of the Cauldron 5M7
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