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Meat and bone meal

Forages of an animal origin are characterized by the high content of full-fledged protein and mineral substances. The correct and full drying provides products of high fodder value. These forages include in compound feeds mainly for young growth of animals and a bird, and also the lactating sows for whom full-fledged protein and mineral substances are especially necessary.

... Most often on formula-feed plants meat and bone meal which contains a large amount of protein and mineral substances arrives. However protein content can fluctuate considerably (from 35 to 50) because of heterogeneity of the raw materials used for its production. Meat and bone meal is rich with a lysine, but in it there are not enough methionine and tryptophane. Therefore it is more expedient to use meat and bone meal for adult animals, the growing young growth of pigs with 2 … 3-month age and for a bird.

Meat and bone meal - dry friable weight, without dense lumps, with a specific smell and various color. Fineness of a grinding is determined by the sitovy analysis, at the same time allow the rest on a sieve with a diameter of openings of 3 mm no more than 5%.
Meat and bone meal meets for physical and chemical indicators the following requirements (see the tab.).

To pigs, repair young growth of pigs and male pigs it is included in a diet to 15%, to suporosny sows, a feeding livestock of pigs, laying hens and young growth of a bird - to 10%, most often it is entered into a diet of birds in number of 3-7% of the mass of dry zernomuchny feeds. It must be kept in mind that the more bones are added to meat and bone meal, the less its nutritiousness. Recently in meat and bone meal the content of cellulose increased that is explained by use as raw materials for its receiving stomachs and intestines without their preliminary release from a kanyga and a himus. Therefore at monitoring procedure of meat and bone meal it is necessary to pay special attention to cellulose definition.

Table Indicators of quality of meat and bone meal

INDICATORS 1 grade 2 grade 3 grade
humidity - no more, % 9 10 10
protein - not less, % 50 42 35
fat - no more, % 13 16 16
ashes - no more, % 26 28 32
bezazotisty substances and cellulose - not more, % 2 2 2
existence of pathogenic microorganisms it is not allowed the same the same
content of sand, glass and other impurity it is not allowed the same the same

P r and m e h and N and e. Content in meat and bone meal of these or those indicators is specified in calculation absolutely solid.

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Bone meal
Bone meal
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