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The fan — the machine for movement of gas with extent of compression less than 1,15 (or a difference of pressure at the exit and an entrance no more than 15 kPa).

The first fan, according to unconfirmed data was called "the Kalashnikov fan".

Separate methods of organized ventilation of the enclosed space were applied still in the ancient time. Ventilation of rooms before the beginning of the 19th century was reduced, as a rule, to natural airing. The theory of the natural movement of air in channels and pipes was created by M. V. Lomonosov. In 1795 V. of X. Fribe for the first time stated the basic provisions defining intensity of air exchange in the heated room through thinnesses of external protections, doorways and windows, having laid these the foundation to the doctrine about a neutral zone.

At the beginning of the 19th century ventilation with thermal motivation of the stitched and deleted from the room air gains development. Domestic scientists noted imperfection of such motivation and the related heavy expenses of warmth. Academician E. X. Tapes specified that full ventilation can be reached only mechanically.

With the advent of centrifugal fans the technology of ventilation of rooms is quickly improved. The first successfully working centrifugal fan was offered in 1832 by A. A. Sablukov. In 1835 this fan was used to airing of the Chagirsky mine in Altai. Sablukov offered it and for ventilation of rooms, holds of the ships, for acceleration of drying, evaporation etc. The wide circulation of ventilation with mechanical motivation of the movement of air began with the end of the 19th century.

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BP140-40 fan
BP140-40 fan
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