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Russia, Perm
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ZVU brewery

ZVU brewery. Year of release of 1993. 10 hectoliters of the hot become tipsy beer mash. Steam heating. the 2-staged lamellar heat exchanger, stainless steel, apprx. 1500 l/h Izolir.bak for hot water of 1500 l. Installation for a sink of bottles, stainless steel, 600 quarrystones/h. Certuss Junior boiler, 80 kg/h, gas, 10 bars, 1999. The shop of a dobrazhivaniye of 5х6 m, height of 3 m, 3 doors, is divided by 80 mm chilled panels 2008. Two capacities under pressure of ZVU, 10 hectoliters, stainless steel, 3 bars. Two brodilnyz the tank of 17 hl, with the device of discharge of light beer, superficial cooling, stainless steel. 10 tanks of 10 hl, 3 bars, 1998. Cooling with ice ERIS,1200 water of l, R22. Solododrobilka Kuenzel type 16/16, 2 of a roll, 2008. Scales for malt. Air compressor. All design is made of copper, brass, stainless steel and a tree. Excellent state. Additional information and photo on demand.
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