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Briquetted salt "Lizunets" salt block feed additives buy in Zubovo
Buy Briquetted salt "Lizunets" salt block feed additives
Briquetted salt "Lizunets" salt block feed additives

Briquetted salt "Lizunets" salt block feed additives

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandНПП "Кристалл"
  • Country of manufactureRussia
  • Weight4 kg

Products: Briquetted salt "Lizunets" as a feed additive can be purchased in bulk at a low price from the manufacturer Russia, Republic of Bashkortostan


Category: Briquetted salt / salt block / Salt - lick / Feed briquetted salt / Pressed feed salt / Feed salt / Feed salt russia / Cattle salt briquette / 

Purpose of goods: Salt block lizutz is used for all types of animals

Ingredients: Table salt
Weight (1 piece / briquette): 4 kg.
Expiration date: 2 years


Salt "Lizunets" is produced especially for livestock breeding and hunting farms.

As you know, in winter and early spring, dry hay contains very few essential microelements, so the farms use Lizunets salt to "feed" animals.


Lack of salt in the diet causes loss of appetite in animals, reduces the use of feed nutrients, enhances heat production, reduces efficiency and worsens the general condition of the body. However, too much salt can be dangerous for animals. When adding salt to feed manually, it is very difficult to provide the required rate for animals, but the use of briquetted salt solves this problem, since the structure, density and shape of the "Lick" is developed taking into account the animals' self - regulation of the process of licking or eating. Animals doze the required amount of salt themselves, therefore, when using Lizunets, OVERDOSE IS IMPOSSIBLE!

Introduction to the diet of "Lizunets" allows:

  • Fully satisfy the daily requirement of the animal for table salt;
  • Prevent diseases associated with mineral deficiency;
  • Increase productivity (milk yield, live weight gain, wool shearing, etc. );
  • It is more efficient to use feed due to its better assimilation.


  • Briquetted salt "Lizunets"
  • Salt block "Lizumin" No. 1 For young cattle, sheep and goats
  • Vitamin "Lizumin" 8 for horses (on request)
  • Vitamin "Lizumin" 4B for highly productive cows, stall
  • Vitamin "Lizumin" 9B for dairy cows of average productivity
  • Vitamin "Lizumin" 5B for calves 1 - 6 months. age
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Briquetted salt "Lizunets" salt block feed additives
Briquetted salt "Lizunets" salt block feed additives
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