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Calcium chloride GOST 450-77

Calcium chloride GOST 450-77

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Characteristics of goods: "Calcium chloride"

Parameter Value
Packing bags / 25 kg -
CAS number technical -
GOST GOST 450-77 -
Price, rub/kg 19-40

Calcium chloride

Synonyms: Calcium chloride

Chemical formula: CaCl 2

Registration CAS number: 10043-52-4

Nomenclature of goods subject to foreign trade code: 2827200000

Calcium chloride is implemented the following types:

GOST 450-77 - technical calcium chloride

TU 6-09-5077-83, with amendment 1-6 food calcium chloride

HUNDRED 39297743-05-2009 - Food calcium chloride - anhydrous Fudix

Technical calcium chloride


Appearance: the porous pieces of white color blurring on air well water soluble and in alcohol.
  • Technical calcium chloride is applied:
  • in the chemical, forest and woodworking, oil, oil-processing and petrochemical industry -

  • in refrigerating equipment

  • in construction and production of construction materials

  • in nonferrous metallurgy

  • at construction and operation of highways and for other purposes.

  • as deicing means

Application as antifrosty additive:

Accelerates skhvatyvaniye of concrete mix and curing of concrete, possesses good antifrizny properties. Use of calcium chloride allows to reduce amount of water and consumption of cement due to increase of mobility of concrete mix. When curing concrete in usual conditions it is possible to enter calcium chloride 0,5 - 2% of the mass of cement. In not reinforced concrete the amount of calcium chloride can be increased to 3%.

Application as deicing means:

Reagent is intended for processing of roads, streets, squares in front of shop, office, club, house, for processing of pedestrian zones and sidewalks with any temperature range to-30 C.
Calcium hloristyypozvolyat more effectively to fight against frosting.
Due to the hyperactivity of preparation in comparison with sodium chloride (technical salt) the average norm of reagent decreases by 30% that reduces environmental pressure of chlorides on environment.

Technical calcium chloride in accordance with GOST 450-77

Name of indicator

First grade


Powder or granules of white color

Mass fraction of calcium chloride, %, not less



Mass fraction for other chlorides, including MgCl2, in terms of NaCl2, %, no more


it is not normalized

Mass fraction of iron (Fe), %, no more


it is not normalized

Mass fraction of magnesium in terms of MgCl2, %, no more


Mass fraction of the water-insoluble rest, %, no more



Mass fraction of sulfates in terms of sulfate ion, %, no more


it is not normalized


The calcinated and hydrated calcium chloride is packed into soft specialized MKP-1,0C containers, into steelpans of types I or III, into plastic bags, under the agreement with the consumer &ndash - into the five-layer bituminized bags

Technical calcium chloride is transported all means of transport according to rules of transportation of goods.


Calcium chloride is stored in the closed warehouse excluding moisture hit. On the open areas storage of the calcium chloride packed into the soft specialized containers or bags created in the transport packages fastened with thermoshrink film is allowed. Warranty period of storage of 8 months from the date of production.

Accident prevention:

Calcium chloride is fire and explosion-proof. Calcium chloride quickly absorbs moisture, at systematic influence irritates and drains skin.

Food calcium chloride (food additive of E509)


Appearance: the porous pieces of white color blurring on air well water soluble and in alcohol.


Food calcium chloride (food additive of E509) is applied in the food industry at production of jam, jelly, fruit jelly, tinned fruit and vegetables, in the meat, milk industry at izgotvoleniya of cottage cheese, cheese, powdered milk, in production of soft drinks and the brewing industry to water remineralization.

Food calcium chloride (E 509) TU 6-09-5077-83

Technical characteristics
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Calcium chloride GOST 450-77
Calcium chloride GOST 450-77
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