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Calibrator of technological processes Fluke 771

Calibrator of technological processes Fluke 771

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandFluke
  • Country of manufactureRussia

Feature of industrial systems with the "current loop" interface is use of the operating signals with a different current for which measurement (during calibration of the equipment) it is necessary to connect the milliamperemeter, previously breaking off an electric chain. Using the current loop calibrator with pincers for measurements of small currents of Fluke 771, you will be able to carry out measurements without rupture of a transmission line, significantly having reduced thereby labor costs and time of performance of work.

Functionality of Fluke 771

The Fluke 771 calibrator is executed in a form factor of current pincers that allows to make measurements without electric contact with the checked equipment. Unlike current pincers of "classical type", the measuring clip of the Fluke 771 calibrator has a removable design (it can be separated from the case, remaining the connected cable extender) that allows to make measurements in hard-to-reach spots.

For ensuring convenience of control of control units and sensors with the "current loop" interface the measured signal is displayed not only in the form of an absolute value, but also in a percentage ratio (in the range from 4 to 20 ma), at the same time both indicators are brought to the display at the same time. On a tick-borne clip it is put the shooter, specifying the direction of the measured current – negative indications on the display specify about opposite connection of the measuring instrument.

When performing measurements in an uncomfortable position you can record the current indications of the measured size on the display, using the HOLD button and to see result upon termination of measurement.

The ZERO button allows to nullify the current value before measurements thanks to what the smaller susceptibility to the available electromagnetic hindrances and a direct current in a transmission line is provided.

By means of Fluke 771 you can freely carry out measurements even in dark premises and cases of management as the device is equipped with illumination of the display and a LED small lamp for lighting of the place of measurements. After two-minute work illumination is automatically turned off, saving thereby a power supply resource (if necessary, you can block illumination autoshutdown, having pressed the corresponding button).

Advantages of the Fluke 771 calibrator

  • Possibility of performance of measurements in remote places -
  • The highest accuracy among measuring instruments of a similar class (the error does not exceed 0,2%) -
  • High autonomy. One set of alkaline batteries (2 pieces like AA) provides performance of measurements within 45 hours. The economical expenditure of a resource of batteries provides the mode of autoshutdown of the device working at 15 minute inaction of the device -
  • Universality. The calibrator can work not only with new control systems (with the level of a signal 4 and 20 ma), but also with old in which levels 10 and 50 ma are used (carrying out measurements in the range up to 99,9 ma).

 - Fluke 771
Diameter of the measured conductor  - 0,177 inches or 4,5 mm, max.
Working temperature  - from-10 to 50 º-C
Storage temperature  - from-25 to 60 º-C
Working humidity  - <-90% at speed. less than 30 º-C, <-75% at speed. from 30 to 55º-C
Working height above sea level  - From 0 to 2000 m
Degree of protection  - IP 40
Size 59 x 38 x 212 mm, (2.32 x 1.5 x 8.35 inches)
Weight 260 g, (9.1 unts.)
Vibration  - Casual vibration with acceleration to 2 g in the range of frequencies of 5-500 Hz
Crash-worthiness:  - Falling from height 1 - m (without measuring clip)
Security from electromagnetic hindrances (EMI), security from a radio noise (RFI)  - According to the EN61326-1 standard
 - Note: at measurement of current a measuring clip add 1 ma to indications for force of EM weeding from 1 In oil to 3 In oil.
Temperature coefficient  - 0.01% º-C
(<-18? or> - 28?)
Battery resource (2) AA 1,5 V is alkaline, IEC LR6, 40 of hours stand.
Guarantee  - Three years for electronic components
1 year for wires and measuring pincers
 -  -
Functional characteristics
Measurement of weak currents (measurement by means of pincers)
Range and permission:  - 0 - 20,99 ma
Accuracy:  - 0,2% + 2 categories
Range and permission:  - from 21,0 to 100,0 ma
Accuracy:  - 1% + 5th category

Standard complete set: A soft bag for carrying, the user's guide.

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Calibrator of technological processes Fluke 771
Calibrator of technological processes Fluke 771
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