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Belarus, Gomel
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Technical characteristics
  • ManufacturerЗАО "Гомельский вагоностроительный завод"
  • Country of manufactureBelarus
  • Type of railroad carSchnabel car

The car - mechanical workshop is intended for ensuring field repair on parking and can handle on the main ways of track of 1520 mm speed up to 120 km/h.

The car is equipped on the basis of the new car of model 61 - 779 of production of PAO "KVSZ". Operating temperature range of operation of the car - from minus 45 to plus 50 °C. Storage of cars at temperature from minus 50 to plus 50 °C.

The car design - mechanical workshop has the following rooms: the working platform, boiler department, toilet, electropanel board, slanting corridor, compartment of the conductor, the room locker room - shower, corridor in compartment part of the car, mechanical workshop, the diesel room.

Equipment of boiler department: the combined heating boiler; the manometer and the safety valve for pressure monitoring in system of heating; electrowater heater of V=50 l for supply of hot water to toilet; the manual pump for pumping of the heat carrier; filling head.

Equipment of toilet: toilet bowl; wash basin with cabinet shield; washing bowl with the water folding crane, the water mixer with shower grid; the container with cover for garbage; the container for paper towels; the container for hygienic pads on toilet bowl; shelf for toilet accessories; holder of glass and toothbrushes; soap tray; holder of towel; capacity with the doser for liquid soap; holder of toilet rolled paper; hooks for clothes and towel; brush with bowl for cleaning of toilet bowls; mirror; moisture resistant floor covering.

Oborudovaniyeelektroshchitova: distributing electric board, the deflector with the exhaust fan on roof of the car, the ceiling lamp, chair for the conductor, folding little table, two carbon dioxide fire extinguishers.

Equipment of compartment of the conductor: upper and lower sleeping shelves, back lower the sleeping shelf, hooks for clothes, ladder for rise on the upper shelf, the auxiliary handle, newspaper grids, bryukoderzhatel, folding subwindow little table, the socket of 220 V (0, 1 kW), two lamps for reading (spotlights), the thermometer room.

The equipment of the room of locker room - shower: lockers for disguise, shower cabin.

Equipment of mechanical workshop: the thread - cutting machine, the shirokouniversalny milling machine, the desktop boring machine, tool - grinding the machine, workbenches with vice, racks, local lighting of machines.

Equipment of the diesel room: diesel - generator installation 380B, the required power (1 piece) in noise - protective casing, modules of powder fire extinguishing, deflectors with exhaust fans, the electric fuel pump, the manual fuel pump, airintaking blinds and the airtaking - away blinds of cooling of the diesel electric unit, powder fire extinguishers.

Under the car boxes for coal storage, fuel tank of V=1000 l, accumulator case, the cable spool for storage of cable are established.

The car since the boiler end is equipped with transitional site with rubber barrier of balloon type and buttons of call of the conductor. The design of transitional site has to provide convenience of its service and safety during the coupling and the movement of cars.

The car is equipped with two biaxial carts of cradle type of models 68 - 4065 and 68 - 4066 manufactured according to GOST 10527. Carts have to have characteristics of spring suspension of KVZ - TsNII carts type 2.

The room of workshop is equipped with the air conditioning system.

The car is equipped with system of heating: water heating with boiler on solid fuel with natural circulation of the heat carrier and water heater.

The car is equipped with systems of cold and hot water supply.

For lighting of rooms of the car lamps, also lamps with glow lamps or LED are installed luminescent. For local lighting in electropanel board, near chair of the conductor, over regiments in compartment of the conductor lamps spotlights are installed.

As rear signal lamps signal lamps with light emitting diode matrix are used.

Characteristics of the car - mechanical workshop

No. of payment order Characteristic Parameter
1. Car model 61 - 779
2. Body dimension in accordance with GOST 9238 1 - BM
3. Dimension of carts in accordance with GOST 9238 02 - BM
4. Length of body, mm 26100
5. Width of body, mm 3021
6. Body length on axes of automatic couplings, mm 26696
7. Wheel gage, mm 1520
8. Base of body, mm 19000
9. Base of carts, mm 2400
10. Automatic coupling axis height from UGR under the mass of container, mm 1060±20
11. Mass of container, no more, than a t 61
12. Climatic modification of the car in accordance with GOST 15150 UHL
13. Quantity of berths, piece. 2
14. Volume of tank of system of water supply, not less, than a m3 1
15. Capacity of coal boxes, not less, than a t 0, 4
16. The guaranteed water - supply for system of water fire extinguishing, not less, than a l 100
17. The maximum duration of following to the first equipment, h 24
18. Constructional speed of the car, km/h 120
19. Average heat transfer coefficient of barrier of body, no more, than A W / (sq. m · J) 0, 8
20. Boiler power during the work on solid fuel, kW 31
21. Integral indicator of smoothness of the course, no more 3, 0
22. The appointed life before write - off, years 30
23. The appointed life before the first major repair, years 6
24. Brake Automatic electric air, pneumatic, manual
25. System of ventilation Forced with ventagregaty BP 155 (except the diesel room), natural
26. Toilet installation, type Gravitational
27. System of heating Liquid with water heating by coal boiler
28. Model of carts 68 - 4065 and 68 - 4066
29. Type of carts TVZ - TsNII, type 2
30. Rechargeable battery Acid 24V, 190ach
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Car mechanical workshop
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