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Castolin electrodes for cast iron welding

Castolin electrodes for cast iron welding

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandCastolin Eutectic
  • Country of manufactureGermany

Electrodes — the most available decision for cast iron welding. They do not demand the special equipment. The welding transformer can even be the power supply.

Features of welding of cast iron

Welding heating and the subsequent cooling so change structure and properties of cast iron in a zone of alloyage and an okoloshovny zone that to receive welded connections free of defects with necessary properties it appears very difficult. In this regard cast iron belongs to the materials possessing a bad technological svarivayemost. Nevertheless, welding of cast iron has very big distribution as a cure of marriage of an iron casting, repair of pig-iron products, and sometimes and at production of designs.

The reasons complicating receiving high-quality welded connections from cast iron:

  1. The high speeds of cooling of metal of a seam and zone of thermal influence corresponding to a thermal cycle of welding lead to cast iron bleaching, i.e. emergence of sites with allocations of a tsementit of this or that form in various quantity. High hardness of the bleached sites practically deprives of an opportunity to process chuguna the cutting tool.
  2. Owing to local uneven heating of metal there is welding tension which in connection with very insignificant plasticity of cast iron leads to formation of cracks in a seam and an okoloshovny zone.
  3. Intensive gas emission from a welding bathtub which continues also at a crystallization stage can lead to formation of a time in seam metal.
  4. The increased fluidity of cast iron complicates deduction of the melted metal from an effluence and formation of a seam.
  5. Silicon availability, and sometimes and other elements in metal svaroch
    ache bathtubs promotes education on its surface of refractory
    the oxides leading to formation of "neprovar".


The Castolin Eutectic company the world leader in the field of repair and recovery technologies from the moment of the foundation in 1906 is engaged in development of technologies of repair welding of cast iron. Now it was succeeded to solve practically all difficulties arising at repair and restoration of pig-iron details from any brands of cast iron. The company developed more than 26 brands of special welding materials of electrodes, powder and continuous a provolok, bars for the soldering and Tigsvarki.
For receiving a full-strength, tight, faultless seam when developing welding materials the following was considered:
By preparation of a surface it is offered to use special electrodes for cutting of defects of the ChampferTrode series. These electrodes allow to receive ideal Uobraznuyu cutting, burning out at the same time all pollution from a blanket. Quality of the prepared cutting is much higher, than when using a shlifmashinok.
When welding for achievement of the minimum speeds of cooling and reduction of the sizes of a zone of thermal influence it is necessary to minimize a heatinvestment. The special structure of a plastering of electrodes of Castolin allows to conduct welding on direct polarity and the lowered currents (70-90 A for an electrode with a diameter of 3 mm) at preservation of steady burning of an arch and the minimum spraying.
The special structure of a plastering provides also specific mode of transfer of electrode metal at which before transition of a drop to a welding bathtub there is a burning out of pollution that allows to conduct welding on dirty and greasy chuguna.
Application of electrodes on the basis of nickel or copper-nickel and nikelzhelezny alloys reduces probability of bleaching in a zone of alloyage and provides the high-plastic seams which are easily processed mechanically.
At repair of blocks of internal combustion engines in which the seam is affected by internal pressure for ensuring the guaranteed tightness the CastoFreeze technology is used. I.e. the solder layer (the soft soldering) or two-component metal-polymeric MeCaTec mastic is in addition applied on a surface of a seam.

Some brands of electrodes for cast iron welding:

Castolin 2-24

Electrode for welding of details from not greasy cast iron with the subsequent machining of a welding seam. It is applied at production of cases of the equipment, support of bearings, cranked shaft, the cable reels which are building up, asterisks, cogwheels, turbine shovels from bronze or gray cast iron, worn-out cases of turbines, sealing covers, saddles of latches, cases and flanges of electric motors, etc.

  • Good workability.
  • Welding in all provisions.
  • Small welding current.
  • Homogeneous structure of a naplavka.
  • Small hashing with basic metal.



Repartition of tensile strength of Rm: 380-440 N / mm2
Hardness: 130-170 HV30

Castolin 2-44 for cold welding of cast iron

The covered electrode intended especially for repair and connections of elements from greasy cast iron. Area to application: repairs of blocks of engines, cases of installations, valves, pig-iron wheels, cylinders and guides.

Properties and advantages:

  • Small current of welding
  • Stable arch, excellent supervision of a welding bathtub, lack of undercuts.
  • Uniform welded seam, without porosity
  • Easily deleted slag crust



Strength: 250-300 N/mm2
Hardness (after welding): 100-130 HV30

Castolin XHD 2230

The covered electrode with the high content of graphite in a plastering for cold welding of chugun. The built-up metal on the basis of an alloy of NiFe has the high durability, crack resistance. Special electrodes for repair and sheetings of the details from gray cast iron working in the conditions of high loadings. Obdast applications: cases of machines from gray cast iron, a support of bearings, cases of pumps, covers, massive pig-iron designs, air compressors, flywheels, krylchatka, plugs, inserts, defects of molding, a bed and guides of lathes, matrixes and punches, gas engines, levers and drafts, cases of pumps and gear cages, gear wheels, cases and guides of machines, diesel engines, blocks of cylinders, cases of turbines, hydraulic cylinders, tables. Welding of gray cast iron with steel, hardening of pig-iron designs steel fragments.

  • Maximum crack resistance.
  • The highest value of strength.
  • High speed of a naplavka.
  • Tolerance to an overheat.
  • High resistance on compression.
  • Simplicity of process of welding by sources of direct and alternating current.
  • Welding in all provisions.


Technical characteristics

Strength of Rm: 470-550 N/mm2
Hardness: 180-230 HV30

Castolin Xuper 2240

For repair and hardening of details from gray cast iron. An electrode with the high content of nickel and a low heatinvestment. Special characteristics of an arch allow to carry out welding of the polluted surfaces. Welding of gray cast iron with steel, cases of cars and mechanisms, pumps, air compressors, gear cages, large-size sections, a recovery naplavka, correction of defects of molding, a shovel of wheels, frames and guides of machines, flywheels, matrixes and punches of stamps, gear wheels, cases of transmissions, generators, turbines, hydraulic cylinders, plates, tables.

Technical characteristics:

Strength of Rm: 370-440 N/mm2
Hardness: 130-170 HV30

Castolin 27

The covered electrode with high content of graphite in a plastering for cold welding of cast iron. Perfectly is suitable for welding and a naplavka on the old, greasy or damaged at temperature influence surfaces from cast iron. Melkocheshuychaty welded seams. Stable welding arch. Color of the built-up metal is similar to color of cast iron.

Typical examples of use:

Working edges of the cold cutting tools, lattices of otzhigatelny furnaces, the chill mold and a layer on difficult welded foundry products.

Technical characteristics:

Hardness without processing: … … … … ….54 HRC
Annealing: … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … 220 HB
Training (800-850 C/oil, water) … … 58 HRC
Training and holiday at 180 C … …. … … … 55 HRC

Castolin 2-23

The covered electrode with high content of graphite in a plastering for cold welding of cast iron. The high-strength built-up metal on the basis of nickel with graphite deposits, steady against formation of cracks. Typical examples of use: engines, pumps, cases of zolotniks or compressors, frameworks of rolling machines, machines for cutting of sheet metal, press, bigovalny, crushing, papermaking machines, cogwheels, beds of machines, textile cars, covers, cases of turbines and sealing rings, cylinders of rolling machines from cast iron with spherical graphite at steel foundries.

Limit of the fluidity [MPa]: … … … … … 280
Strength [MPa]: … … … … … 330
Hardness [HB]: … … … … … … … … … … … 150

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Castolin electrodes for cast iron welding
Castolin electrodes for cast iron welding
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