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Cation (ion exchange resin) is a synthetic high molecular compound, having the form of granules with a microporous structure in the gel form.

The purposes for which the cation - exchanger used Ku - 2 - 8

  • desalination and softening of water in water treatment;
  • as a catalyst for chemical reactions;
  • water purification from inorganic and synthetic organic products
  • for exchange reactions;
  • to extract the electrolyte solution of metal cations;
  • wastewater treatment and / or solutions;
  • for separating and recovering rare elements.

Cation Ku - 2 - 8 - a multifunctional silkokislotnaya resin. The main characteristic is the presence of a cation consisting of acid groups, which can exchange hydrogen for the metal ions present in the solution. Apply Cation - 2 - 8, in the process water treatment, water purification from impurities, for softening and desalting of brackish water, purification of waste water in an industrial scale. Cation Ku - 2 - 8 - non - flammable, non - meltable material, is insoluble and not poisonous. The physical form of cations Ku - 2 - 8 is a grain, a spherical shape, swellable and insoluble in water. It has a color ranging from yellow to brown.

According to the basic characteristics is stable to changes in osmotic pressure, a high resistance against chemical and physical influence, a high degree of abrasion resistance of granules to impact oxidants, alkalis, to thermally affected. Granules KU - 2 - 8 is not washed out and are not soluble in water and solutions. By reaction with water - swell. Process water softening and purification is carried out by passing it through a filter placed inside the cation exchanger. During filtration, a chemical reaction, as a result of which, the hard water ions are replaced with sodium ions (for Na - cationization). Thereafter, kotionity filter is regenerated, and after some time, the process can be repeated.

Using KU - 2 - 8 now is economically advantageous solution, and the quality and reliability of this resin was tested by time.

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Cation-2-8 1sort
Cation-2-8 1sort
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