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On certification Nostry

about Uniform system of certification of heads and experts of a construction complex it is approved as the decision of Council of National association of builders, the protocol of April 20, 2011 No. 18.
Certification in Uniform system is carried out on the basis of the following principles:

  1. Certification is carried out by types of construction works according to their group according to tests for certification;
  2. Certification is carried out according to the uniform requirements and criteria shown for making decisions on certification;
  3. The certificates issued according to the present Provision admit all self-regulatory organizations — participants of Uniform system;
  4. Control of activity of the centers for testing is provided with self-regulatory organizations and National association of builders.

Scheme of certification following:

  1. The applicant files in the Center for testing a petition for certification and puts documents on profile education and professional development .
  2. The applicant passes an assessment of level of knowledge in the form of testing (internal testing) in the Center for testing.
  3. The center for testing enters data on the level of knowledge of the applicant in the unified register of data of NOSTROY.
  4. At positive (More than 50% — in most cases) passing of the test, the applicant addresses in the Certifying commission SRO.
  5. The certifying commission of SRO considers test results and if necessary appoints a control assessment of level of knowledge of the applicant.
  6. The certifying commission gives out to the applicant Attestat about recognition of the expert having the knowledge necessary for performance of work which exerts impact on safety of capital construction projects.
    1. carry out documents acceptance, given on certification;
    2. make decisions on the admission to certification, refusal in the admission to certification;
    3. provide an assessment of level of knowledge of applicants for certification in the form of computer testing;
    4. estimates of level of knowledge in the corresponding certifying commissions report results;
    5. give extracts from the unified register of data on certification for the form approved by Committee on professional education;
    6. enter data in the unified register of data on certification;
    7. accept complaints to results of an assessment of level of knowledge in the form of computer testing, carry out their preliminary consideration, and in the cases established in the present Provision send them for consideration of the Commission on consideration of complaints in the sphere of certification.

    1. Statement.

    2. Consent to processing of personal information.
    3. The photo (separately from the statement);

    4. The copy of the diploma about profile higher or secondary professional education;

    5. The copy of the document confirming passing of professional development by the corresponding type (types) of construction works.

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