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Technical characteristics
  • BrandМегалион
  • Country of manufactureRussia
The cost of products is calculated individually, depending on the configuration, equipment configuration and customer requirements. The indicated cost of the equipment is given taking into account the minimum optimal configuration that was ever ordered from our company. The chain conveyor is used to supply solid municipal waste to the sorting line, to move raw materials at a large angle, etc. As a rule, the chain conveyor has a Z - shape. If the loading part of the conveyor is located in a pit, then MSW is fed to the conveyor of the sorting line using a bucket loader, which moves the garbage into the pit, from where the waste goes to the sorting line. The depth of the loading section of the feeding conveyor is 40 cm. In the process of feeding MSW, the sorters located near the pit make manual selection of bulky waste.
If the loading part of the conveyor does not have a pit, then the waste is fed using a hydraulic manipulator with a grab gripper.

Main settings
Conveyor speed up to 1 m / s
Maximum allowable distributed mass of MSW per running meter of conveyor up to 1000 kg / l. m.
Conveyor performance up to 50 t / h
Conveyor width working 1070 (870) mm
Conveyor tilt angle up to 45 deg.
Power consumption up to 7.5 kW
Support on the workshop floor (foundation required) with foundation
The presence of a pit well no

In the chain conveyor produced by the Megalion group of companies, the traction body is a chain, and the load - carrying body is a metal profile of complex configuration.

The chain conveyor is a collapsible metal structure consisting of bent sections fastened to each other by bolted joints. At the head of the conveyor there is a drive shaft with stars fixed on it, driven by a cylindrical - conical gear motor. In the tail section of the conveyor, there is a tension damping shaft, which ensures uniform tension of the traction element and its protection from overloads. The sprockets are wrapped around collapsible chains supported by the upper and lower raceways. Chains are traction elements that ensure the movement of the load - carrying deck. The load - carrying floor consists of a rubber - fabric conveyor belt and metal load carriers.

The conveyor is supported by several supports, the number of which depends on the length of the inclined part of the conveyor. The sides prevent solid waste spilling to the sides and provide a uniform layer of the transported cargo on the conveyor.


Features of the chain conveyors of the Megalion group of companies:

  • Painting is carried out with polyurethane paint in two layers. The applied coating possesses high anti - corrosion properties, resistance to weathering, sea and fresh water. The formed coating allows equipment to be washed using high - pressure systems of the "Karcher" type, does not fade under the influence of UV radiation. The paint is made in Russia according to a Finnish recipe.
  • The sides of the conveyors are bent with welded reinforcement ribs.
  • Reinforced bent load - carrying profiles (4 bends), each withstand a static load of up to 200 kg, which allows the conveyor as a whole to withstand a static load of up to 1000 kg per running meter, the distance between the load - carrying elements is no more than 250 mm.
  • The traction body is a hosted chain with a breaking force of 8 tons.
  • Semi - automatic or automatic drip chain lubrication system.
  • Cylinder - conical reducers. Production - Italy.
  • Removable chain raceways, which significantly increases the maintainability of conveyors.
  • Labyrinth seal - prevents liquid and fine solid fractions of solid waste from getting onto the chains and drive sprockets of conveyors.
  • The covering of the working surface of the conveyors is a multi - layer rubber - fabric belt with a thickness of 8 - 10 mm with flanging along both edges of the belt for the implementation of labyrinth sealing. The surface of the tape is smooth.
  • ASAHY bearing units - Japan or similar.
  • The design uses a spring - screw (damping) tension
  • node. Eliminates chain jamming and breaks during sudden overloads. Significantly increases the service life of the chain.
  • The pit walls have an offset of 800 mm from the conveyor sides, which makes it possible to service the conveyor and clean the pit itself.
  • Pit closing elements are supported by metal supports and pit strapping.
  • In the manufacture of the conveyor, 09G2S steel, resistant to low temperatures, is used.
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Chain conveyors
Chain conveyors
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