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Chisel plow trailed chisel plow ПЧ-6ПГ buy in Krasnodar
Buy Chisel plow trailed chisel plow ПЧ-6ПГ
Chisel plow trailed chisel plow ПЧ-6ПГ

Chisel plow trailed chisel plow ПЧ-6ПГ

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Chisel plow trailed chisel plow ПЧ - 6ПГ

Product code: PCh - 6PG

Why use subsoilers?

Tillage implements with soil displacement (plowshares, disc harrows, cultivators) plow the top layer of soil and re - compact the bottom layer, commonly called a plow sole.

This compaction prevents air and especially moisture from getting into the deeper layers of the soil. Moisture, after spring rains, without getting into the deep layers, causes waterlogging of the upper layers of the soil, which does not allow putting the equipment into operation in time.

After sowing, the moisture is quickly used by the plants and the soil deprived of replenishment from the deep layers dries out, which in turn interferes with the normal development of seedlings.

The root system cannot overcome the plow sole and remains only in the upper layer, where there is no longer enough moisture. This problem is especially noticeable in areas with low rainfall and is best addressed with subsoilers.



Deep loosening is the most optimal agricultural technology that allows you to accumulate and store moisture in the deep layers of the soil.

It is important to apply this technology correctly - it is carried out in the fall, in the spring time it can lead to negative consequences. After loosening in the fall, the soil will better absorb moisture in the spring, and it will be consumed by the plants gradually.

Even when the soil is loosened to a depth of 0.3 - 0.4 m, favorable conditions are created for a normal air - water regime (if the growing season occurs in dry times, the roots of the culture can penetrate further and become saturated with moisture from deeper soil layers, if there is a lot of moisture - its surplus in the upper layers of the earth will be absorbed deeper.

Benefits of the subsoiler on the farm:

- application on soils of all types, types and varieties, with a wide range of moisture content (up to 30% )

- preservation of organic matter in the upper fertile soil layer

- an increase in the biological activity of the soil (soil bacteria, earthworms, etc. ), and as a result - an increase in its fertility

- reduction of wind and water erosion of soil

- increase in aeration paths in compacted soil layers

- the positive effect of deep loosening can last from two to five years.



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Chisel plow trailed chisel plow ПЧ-6ПГ
Chisel plow trailed chisel plow ПЧ-6ПГ
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