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Complex food supplement "Constant ART 1"

Complex food supplement "Constant ART 1"

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General description of the additive The complex food additive "Constanta ART 1" in powder form was developed by LLC UK "Constanta" and is used by meat processing enterprises to retain moisture in minced meat and minced products and semi - finished products.
Applications Minced meat, semi - finished products, cooled and frozen, as well as dough and meat products.
Structure The additive contains no "heavy" preservatives, phosphates and antibiotics, only microcrystalline cellulose (E460), sodium citrate (E331), sodium bicarbonate (E500), sodium acetate (E262), ascorbic acid (E300).
Product type The appearance of the additive is a hygroscopic white crystalline powder without impurities and inclusions, the formation of easily crumbling lumps is possible.
Properties The additive allows keeping up to 20 - 25% of additional moisture in the minced meat without changing the consistency of the final product.

The additive has not only pronounced antibacterial and anti - mold, but also water - retaining properties by improving the homogenization of fats and creating a stable water - fat emulsion. This allows you to avoid moisture loss both during freezing / defrosting of p / f, and during heat treatment of the product. Thus, the additive replaces both the standard preservative and the humectant. This allows you to hedge against errors in the combination of different components in one production cycle and saves the resources of technologists and the enterprise.

Application The use of the additive is carried out according to the manufacturer's instructions. More detailed product data are given in the specification.

The dosage of application varies from 6 to 8 g per 1 kg of components of the final product, including water, depending on the required increase in the volume of water in the final product and its contamination.

Release form The additive is produced in stitched kraft bags made of paper and combined materials with a volume of 25 kg. Samples are provided in 0.5 kg doy - pack bags.
The practice of using the additive "Constant ART 1" in powder: - Introducing into the minced chicken from the fillet of the thigh and breast at a dosage of 8 g per 1 kg of p / f made it possible to add about 200 g of water to it, the minced meat acquired splendor, it was not cut off when stored chilled. During the preparation of cutlets, moisture was not released from them, the baking capacity of the products was more active, the finished product retained a better shape compared to the “control” sample without additives.

After freezing for 10 days, the minced meat with the addition of Constant ART 1 was defrosted, no water was cut off from it, and the color and consistency did not change either. After heat treatment in a frying pan, minced meat patties also did not cut off the water, the color, taste, smell and consistency of the finished product did not change.

- In the minced pork and beef chilled. together with 20% of water, 6 g of the additive per 1 kg was added, during manual mixing, the water completely intervened, drips or color changes were not observed. When stored in refrigerator at + 3 - 4 on C shelf life as compared to the control sample without additives has increased by 15% , after the expiration of the test changes appearance and consistency has not occurred.

- Chilled breast fillets were injected with a solution of 200 g of water with the addition of 6 g of additives and spices per 1 kg of poultry meat, followed by massaging. The product was kept in a bag for about 1 hour in a household refrigerator at + 3 - 4 ° C, after the time of drips, no changes in meat color or other deviations were found in comparison with the control. According to the maturing results, the experimental pieces of fillet and "control" pieces without additives were subjected to frying in a pan, according to the results, the baking capacity of the experimental sample was higher, the piece looked larger than the control one, the moisture loss in the "experimental" samples was 10 - 12% , in the control ones - 20 - 25% of the starting weight of the pieces.

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Complex food supplement "Constant ART 1"
Complex food supplement "Constant ART 1"
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