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Complex installation Ormed-Profilaktik

Complex installation Ormed-Profilaktik

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Complex installation Ormed-Profilaktik

The multipurpose device for roller massage and extension of a backbone.
Effective at treatment of many diseases of a backbone, but at the same time simple in application, installation does not demand continuous presence of the doctor, saves time and the place.
It is applied as in medical, in sanatorium establishments, and, thanks to simplicity of application and the small sizes, in house conditions or at offices. At the same time treatment and prevention of diseases of a backbone are received by all family, friends, acquaintances and colleagues.
Allows to carry out treatment of intervertebral hernias WITHOUT SURGICAL INTERVENTION!

Extension is carried out on the inclined plane under the influence of a body weight of a body of the patient - autogravitatsionny extension (force of extension is regulated due to change of a tilt angle of a couch and level of height of a kneeboard).
At increase in a tilt angle an opportunity for gradual increase in force of extension is reached that reduces excitability of muscular and copular propriotseptor and gradually lowers pathologically raised muscular tone.
Smoothness of stretching promotes overcoming of a regidnost of muscles and sheaves, allows to avoid irritation. Unloading of a backbone is provided, its anatomo-physiological parameters are restored.
Along with procedure of extension mechanical roller massage with heating and vibration is carried out that in addition relaxes muscles and creates feeling of comfort.
Medical effects:
- Non-invasive treatment of hernias of medpozvonkovy disks by reposition of hernial protrusion and decrease (decompression) in intra disk pressure -
- Treatment of osteochondroses, other diseases of a backbone -
- Treatment of protrusions of intervertebral disks -
- Treatment of curvatures of a backbone, scoliosis, posture correction.
- The procedures which are carried out on the device:
- Paravertebralny roller massage of a backbone + the dosed vibration + the dosed heating -
- Extension of lumbar department of a backbone -
- Extension of chest department of a backbone -
- Complex procedure: paravertebralny vibromassage and extension of lumbar department of a backbone.
Principle of action
ALLOWS: to carry out traction and pulse impact on a backbone at vertebrogenny diseases - local vibrocorrection of a backbone - to influence on kostno - articulate elements and the musculocopular device of a backbone.
The system of extension is executed in the form of the lifting mechanism from the head that allows to install the device at an angle and to provide uniform extension under a body weight of the patient. At the end of a session the lifting mechanism returns the device in a starting position. Necessary level of an inclination (9 levels) is established on the control panel and is controlled by the sensor.

On animation the scheme of placement of rollers masseurs concerning a backbone axis which in the course of massage is a symmetry axis for the moving rollers from above is shown. Rollers masseurs, rolling edges of vertebras, step on awned shoots of a backbone, subjecting each vertebra, an intervertebral disk and joints to mechanical influence for each pass. At the same time intervertebral sheaves are serially and repeatedly bent and unbent, or contract and stretch, at the same time there is a local internal physiological microextension.
During procedure there is a mechanical impact on a problem site of a backbone promoting the dosed separation of two interfaced vertebras. As a result of increase in intervertebral space high interdisk pressure decreases. At the same time the vacuum effect which is "soaking up" hernial protrusion is created. Everything in a complex allows to reach non-invasive treatment of intervertebral hernias of lumbar and sacral department of a backbone.

Formation of intervertebral hernia owing to rapprochement of adjacent vertebras at influence of force of F dynes operating at vertical load of a backbone
Separation of adjacent vertebras and elimination of hernial protrusion after carrying out procedures of extension and roller massage

The mobile knot of the device (rollers masseurs) makes reciprocating vibration movement on the axial line of a backbone thanks to what massage and vibration influence is reached it. Presence at rollers masseurs of 3 degrees of freedom provides adaptation of a trajectory of their movement to a form of a surface of a back of the patient that increases efficiency of treatment of diseases of a backbone.
Regular procedures on the device promote prevention and treatment of curvatures of a backbone. The device also found broad application in an elite sport at rehabilitation of athletes for removal of exhaustion, prevention of traumatism and diseases of the musculoskeletal device.

In the absence of prevention by regular massaging and at regular massage by a vibrotraction method
Technical characteristics:
Tension of a power line with a frequency of 50 Hz, In 220±10%
Maximum power consumption, W 400
The massed linear zone of a backbone, mm 850
Vibrations, to 100 Hz, regulated discretely, (levels) 5
Effort of rollers masseurs, adjustable discretely, (levels) 5
Temperature of heating of a surface of a couch, °C from 35 to 50
Maximum tilt angle of the case, hail 19
The patient's weight on the device, kg, no more than 120
Overall dimensions of a bathtub (, mm 2055х640х600
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Complex installation Ormed-Profilaktik
Complex installation Ormed-Profilaktik
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