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Complexonate OEDF-25 (solution) according to TU 2439-002-31229570-2015 (equivalent to OPTION 313-1) buy in Ufa
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Buy Complexonate OEDF-25 (solution) according to TU 2439-002-31229570-2015 (equivalent to OPTION 313-1)
Complexonate OEDF-25 (solution) according to TU 2439-002-31229570-2015 (equivalent to OPTION 313-1)

Complexonate OEDF-25 (solution) according to TU 2439-002-31229570-2015 (equivalent to OPTION 313-1)

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandЭколарис
  • Country of manufactureRussia

Products: Complexonate OEDF - 25 (solution) according to TU 2439 - 002 - 31229570 - 2015 (equivalent to OPTION 313 - 1) buy price from manufacturer in Russia

Description: Ecocomplexonat OEDF - 25 reagent prevents the formation of scale and corrosion in heat supply systems, steam supply and hot water supply in heat exchange equipment. OEDF - zinc (solution) is used in boilers, thermal power plants, boilers, in closed water circulation systems, etc.



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Indicator name


Ecocomplexonat OEDF - 25



Colorless or yellow - brown liquid, slight sediment or turbidity is allowed


Hydrogen ion activity index (pH)

7.0 - 10.0


Density at 20оС, g / cm3

1.2 - 1.3


Mass fraction of zinc, %

4.0 - 5.0


Mass fraction of basic substances, %

24.0 - 26.0

"Ecocomplexonat OEDF - 25" allows:

  • Reduce the corrosiveness of water and prevent the formation of iron - oxide scale and deposits on the surfaces of hot water and steam boilers, heat supply systems;
  • Save on water treatment - exclude deaeration (binds oxygen) and softening (inhibits the deposition of hardness salts) make - up water;
  • Maintain the effectiveness of the inhibitory action in conditions of high carbon dioxide content in water;
  • Gradually wash away previously formed iron - oxide deposits and scale from the surface of the equipment;
  • Ensure compliance with the requirements of regulatory documents for equipment, the scope of chemical control, laboratory equipment, maintenance of operational documentation.

Advantages of the reagent:

  • Substance of low hazard in terms of impact on the body and the environment (class 4). The drug is non - flammable, fire - and - explosion - proof, low - toxic for various routes of entry into the body;
  • Resistant to high temperatures. It is used up to a water temperature of 150 ° C;
  • Does not undergo oxidation during oxidative treatment of tap water.

Recommended use:

The product has passed state registration and is used in accordance with the instructions of RAO "UES of Russia" and the recommendations of OJSC "VTI", Moscow, by analogy with other commercially available zinc complexes OEDF;

Maximum concentration limit in water for household purposes is 5 mg / l (5 g / m3). On average, in the circulated water in the heating system, the optimal concentration of the complexonate is 10 mg / l (10 g / m3).

Application area:

  • To inhibit corrosion and salt deposition on heat transfer surfaces of heat and power systems;
  • As inhibitors of corrosion and salt deposition in heat supply systems for the treatment of water used to power hot water boilers in the power industry, including for the preparation of water for steam boilers, steam generators;
  • For anti - scale and anti - corrosive water treatment of circulating systems of enterprises; \
  • circulating cooling systems, in systems of closed and open centralized hot water supply in public utilities;
  • For household and drinking water supply;
  • In reverse osmosis systems, including for the food industry;
  •  chemical and textile industry as a complexing agent;
  • As corrosion and scale inhibitors in the oil industry.

Packing: "Ecocomplexonat OEDF - 25" - cans of 25 kg;

Stock advice: The reagent is stored packed in covered dry warehouses in the manufacturer's container.

Shelf life: 12 months from the date of manufacture.

Payment terms: 100% prepayment, partial payment is possible

Terms of delivery : EXW, other terms of delivery are also possible

Company: NPF Ecolaris LLC

The scientific and production company Ecolaris is successfully operating and operating in the market of the fuel and energy complex of the Russian Federation. Thanks to its professional team, the company has extensive experience in solving tasks in the countries of near and far abroad.

We produce:

  • Corrosion and scale inhibitors, antiscalants and complexonates;
  • Reagents for heating systems, means against unauthorized discharge of the coolant;
  • Reagents for flushing boiler and heat exchange equipment;
  • Pool chemistry;
  • Disinfectants;
  • Reagents Hydrochem;
  • Industrial chemistry;
  • Ion exchange resins;
  • Autochemistry
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Complexonate OEDF-25 (solution) according to TU 2439-002-31229570-2015 (equivalent to OPTION 313-1)
Complexonate OEDF-25 (solution) according to TU 2439-002-31229570-2015 (equivalent to OPTION 313-1)
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