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Components are radio-electronic

Components are radio-electronic

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Semiconductor devices
Varicaps Diode bridges Diodes Chips Optoelectronics Stabilitrons Thyristors Transistors Switching
Switches Connectors 2PTT Connectors are rectangular electric Connectors are radio-frequency SNTs connectors Connectors are cylindrical Connectors are cylindrical threaded Power devices
Diodes Avalanche diodes Diodes are frequency Modules Coolers Simistora the photon-coupled Thyristors Thyristors are high-speed Thyristors are avalanche Thyristors are the photon-coupled Thyristors are symmetric Thyristors are frequency Photo thyristors Low-voltage equipment
Time cut-outs Contactors Magnetic actuators Posts are button Breakers Transformers Step finders Electromagnetic sleeves Electromagnets TENY Electric motors Miscellaneous
Soldering equipment Sealed-contacts Holders for safety locks Throttles Tool Safety locks The thermoseating tube Lamps Panel board devices Electrovacuum devices
Vidicons Gas-discharge stabilitrons Gasotrons Pressure sensors Indicator tubes Indicators are vacuum and luminescent Indicators of a glow discharge Kenotrons Pulse lamp Traveling wave tubes Halogen lamps Lamps generating and modulator Neon lamps Magnetrons Strobotron Thyratrons Photomultipliers Electrolamp Beam deflection tubes Control and measuring equipment
Power sources Multimeters Oscillographs Thermometers Cable products
PK 75 coaxial radiofrequency cable PK 50 coaxial radiofrequency cable Cable (AVVG,VVG,KG,KMM,KUPV,RG and others) MGShV (e) wire MGTF (e) wire Wire (BIN, BIF, BIFEZ-N, BPVLE, KPSVV, MKESh, MPOE, MS16-13, MS26-13, NV, PV, PVS and others) Pletenka PML Tube Cable couplers Resistors and condensers
Resistor Resistor assembly Chip resistors Condensers Chip condensers

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Components are radio-electronic
Components are radio-electronic
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