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Composite armature 14 mm. PolyComposite company

Composite armature 14 mm. PolyComposite company

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Russia, Pskov
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  • BrandПолиКомпозит, ООО
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The PolyKompozit plant produces composite reinforcement and composite reinforcement mesh. The production of composite rebar covers a range of diameters from 3 to 32 millimeters. Shipment of finished products is carried out in rods or bays, at the request of the customer. Composite rebar is used for the manufacture and construction of various types of foundations, slabs, bridges, concrete structures and repair work. Fiberglass reinforcement has a huge list of advantages, including:

  • Long service life - the composite is not affected by corrosion and retains its characteristics throughout its entire service life;
  • Low cost - the price for reinforcement made of composite materials is lower than for metal;
  • Significantly lower weight allows - to save the buyer on the costs of transportation and handling.

 Composite reinforcing fiberglass mesh "PolyComposite" is used:

  • for reinforcement of pavements and road surfaces;
  • soil strengthening;
  • warm floors;
  • reinforcement of screeds;
  • as a plaster mesh;
  • when facing with granite and marble;
  • for reinforcing lightly loaded screeds;
  • for the device of garden paths;
  • under paving slabs;
  • in pile elements of pile - grillage foundations using TISE technology;
  • for reinforcing masonry.

Rules for working with material

Differences in working with polymer reinforcement lie not only in the calculation method, but also in the methods of material processing. In particular:

  • Cutting fiberglass reinforcement can be performed with an angle grinder ("grinder") with a cutting disc for metal or concrete.
  • When storing composite reinforcement, protect it from direct sunlight and high temperatures.
  • It is necessary to unwind the bay together. One must hold the bay, the other gradually unwind it. If you are doing the work alone, then take care of a device that will securely fasten one end of the armature. In addition, a special decoiler can be made. This is a cruciform base, along the edges of which corners are fixed. The coil is installed inside the structure and when unwinding, individual sectors are gradually released. Thus, the unwinding process is not dangerous.
  • Transportation of composite reinforcement is allowed only in a horizontal position.

When storing, transporting and loading and unloading, it is necessary to observe measures to exclude mechanical damage to the valve.

Our advantages

  • We use modern high - tech lines and equipment;
  • We carry out chemical research analyzes in our own laboratory;
  • We carefully monitor compliance with technology and quality of raw materials;
  • We offer low prices and favorable conditions for clients;
  • High productivity, large warehouse of finished products;
  • Full information and technological support for clients;
  • Our products are manufactured using amine hardeners, so we give a 75 - year warranty on our products. Some manufacturers use anhydrite hardeners in their production, which reduces the cost of production. But our experiments have shown that when using an anhydride hardener, the service life of ASA is no more than 10 years. ASK produced with the use of anhydride hardeners in concrete structures cannot be used due to instability to alkaline media - the epoxy matrix is destroyed.
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Composite armature 14 mm. PolyComposite company
Composite armature 14 mm. PolyComposite company
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