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Technical characteristics
  • BrandМегалион
  • Country of manufactureRussia

The cost of products is calculated individually, depending on the configuration, equipment configuration and customer requirements.

The composting technology for organic waste is used in the production process of modern complexes for the processing of solid municipal waste. For a high - quality selection of secondary material resources from the MSW stream entering the sorting line, the fine fraction is screened out. Most of the screenings contain moist organic components that are compostable. The resulting industrial soil is used for reclamation of solid waste landfills or backfilling of roads.

The technology of composting and screening of the fine fraction of solid waste proposed by Megalion Group is a membrane, ventilated under pressure, oxygen - controlled technology of organic waste decay. It is one of the most successful composting systems in the world, used in more than 20 countries around the world and in any climate on earth.

Main settings
Raw materials MSW "tails"
Full technological cycle 6 weeks
Membrane air permeability low
Membrane tensile strength high
Membrane resistance to deformation high
Resistant to water penetration high
Chemical resistance sodium hydroxide, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid
Membrane warranty, years 5

How GORE® Covers Works

The basic component of the system is a three - layer laminated GORE® Cover. It consists of a specially designed microporous GORE membrane based on (polytetrafluoroethylene) PTFE that is laminated between wear - resistant and UV - resistant layers.

At the beginning of the composting process, the substance is placed in a pile and covered with a three - layer laminated GORE® Cover (6). The cover is attached to the side wall (1). The temperature probe (5) and the oxygen probe (2) are built into the base of the shoulder. The composting process is protected by a laminated coating against environmental disturbances such as wind and rain (3).

Atmospheric air is fed through aeration chutes into the compost mass (7). Since the collar cover is fixed on the side wall and air can escape out through the cover only very slowly (4), excessive pressure is formed in the collar body and air is distributed evenly throughout the entire internal volume, which, among other effects, leads to a homogeneous temperature distribution (9).

  • O2 measuring probe
  • Natural influences
  • CO2
  • Temperature probe
  • GORE® Cover
  • Air
  • Heat
  • Smell
  • Humidity
  • Microorganisms

The Gore® Cover laminated three - layer bead construction consists of 3 layers:

(1) The outer layer serves as a protective barrier against external mechanical and natural influences. It is a layer with increased wear resistance and additional protection against UV radiation.

(2) The next layer is a semi - permeable membrane that prevents odor and bacteria from entering the GORE® Cover laminated shoulder.

(3) Immediately below the membrane, there is a further protective layer that protects the membrane from mechanical damage from the compostable material and thereby prolongs the life of the coating itself.

The typical GORE® Cover composting process takes eight weeks and is divided into 3 phases.

(1) The starting material is covered with a 3 - ply GORE® Cover laminate and is in Phase I for four weeks, undergoing intense decomposition.

(2) The membrane is then removed from the heap, the compostable mass is transferred by the front loader to the next heap for the second phase of composting, and again covered with a membrane for subsequent biodegradation over the next two weeks of phase II.

(3) In order for the biomaterial to meet the highest regulatory performance, the material must undergo a final two - week aging process. It occurs in phase 3, which can occur without the involvement of the GORE® Cover laminated three - layer bead. Here, the material from phase 2 is placed on a new heap platform, where only the temperature is recorded.

(4) After readiness, the compostable mass, at the request of the client, can be sieved into different fractions and sold to the client.

Thanks to its porous membrane structure, the GORE® Cover collar is semi - permeable, which helps maintain a constant climate inside the collar:

  • Possessing moisture - , sun - and windproof properties, it protects the inner content of the pile from moisture, wind and bad weather, and thereby from unwanted decay processes.
  • Due to its air permeability and water vapor permeability properties, it regulates the release of moisture and makes possible the release of gases, while preventing overdrying of the compost mass.
  • Due to good ventilation inside the capsule, an air insulating layer is formed, which causes a uniform temperature distribution over the entire base of the pile and ensures uniform disinfection (hygienization).

At the same time, the coating serves as a barrier to the emission of unpleasant odors.

Reliable and efficient system components

Shafts and impellers made of stainless steel give the equipment maximum resistance to the high corrosive load that occurs during composting and have an increased degree of protection IP55 and therefore are also ideally suited for outdoor use. The highly efficient 1.5 kW motor keeps energy consumption extremely low.

ICompost control panel and software

A control panel is installed on each composting heap, where the readings of the sensor sensors are recorded and transmitted further to the central computer with iCompost software. It consolidates all indicators, from it it is possible to manage individual piles and raw material batches, monitor and accumulate data on temperature, oxygen content and the current status of hygiene.



Winding machine

To ensure the durability of the GORE® mat, a special winding machine has been developed that gently spreads the mat over the compostable material and peels it off just as gently.



How the system works

  • Uniform aeration
  • Lack of anaerobic foci
  • Lack of hydrogen sulfide and ammonia
  • Slight smell
  • Uniform decomposition process
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