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Connecting device USB-Ex "SEVER" (explosion protection marking 0ExiaIICT6) buy in Rjazan
Buy Connecting device USB-Ex "SEVER" (explosion protection marking 0ExiaIICT6)
Connecting device USB-Ex "SEVER" (explosion protection marking 0ExiaIICT6)

Connecting device USB-Ex "SEVER" (explosion protection marking 0ExiaIICT6)

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Certificate of Conformity to the requirements of the Technical Regulations TR CU 012/2011 "On the Safety of Equipment for Operation in Explosive Environments" No. EAEU RU С - RU. BN02.B.00464 / 20 . Valid from 10.06.2020 to 9.06.2025

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1.1. Explosion - proof connecting device USB - Ex "SEVER" is intended for connection (branching) of signal cables, for example, in loops of fire or security and fire alarms, communication and telecommunication lines, circuits in control and automation systems, as well as connection to loops of terminal devices, such as sensors signaling, subscriber devices of communication systems, etc.

1.2. The scope of the product is explosive areas where, according to operating conditions, the formation of explosive mixtures of gases and vapors with air is possible, belonging to explosion categories IIA, IIB IIC, and explosion groups T1, T2, T3, T4, T5, T6, as well as zones of classes B - II, B - IIa, where explosive mixtures of dust and fibers with air may form due to operating conditions.

1.3. Structurally, USB - Ex "NORTH" is made in an antistatic plastic case with a surface resistance of less than 10 9 Ohm / cm 2 . A printed circuit board is installed inside the product body, on which there are screw terminal blocks for connecting the connected conductors.


explosion protection marking according to GOST R 52350.0 - 2005 0ExiаIICT6
body material antistatic plastic
the degree of protection of the shell according to GOST 14254 - 96 not lower than IP55
operating temperature range, ° С - 55 . . . + 60
maximum relative air humidity at t + 40 ° С, % no more than 93
weight, kg no more than 0.5
contact resistance of two contacts, Ohm no more than 0.3
average service life, years not less than 10
max input voltage Ui, V 24
max input current Ii, mA 20
max input power Pi, W 1,2
max internal capacitance Ci, pF 50
max internal inductance Li, μH ten


  • The sealed glands of the USB - Ex connecting device provide input of the connected cable with a diameter of 6 to 14 mm *
    * - by agreement with the customer, the product can be supplied with cable glands with a diameter of the connected cable from 6 to 11 mm; from 9 to 14 mm


3.1. Installation of USB "NORTH" and connection of cables to it should be carried out in accordance with the relevant regulatory and technical documentation. Before installation, the product is subject to an external examination, while it is necessary to pay attention to the integrity of the enclosure, the presence of all fasteners, the presence of explosion protection marking, as well as the compliance of the main data of the nameplate with the conditions in which the product will be used

3.2. Unscrew the cover fixing bolts, remove the cover.

3.3. Check the tightness of the cable glands and make sure the rubber seals are present.

3.4. Feed the cable through the cable gland. Fasten securely inside the cable gland. To ensure a tight seal, the cable gland O - ring must be tightly fastened. Free the insulated cable cores from the outer insulation and cut off the ends of the inner insulation to a length of 8..10 mm. Connect the cable conductors to the terminals of the terminal block. Put on the cover, tighten the fastening bolts.

3.5. Fasten CSS "NORTH" to the bearing surface with three screws through the holes in the base. Installation dimensions are shown in Fig. 1.


4.1 Explosion protection is achieved by using special protective measures in the design of the connecting device provided for by GOST R 52350.11 - 2005, including the use of antistatic plastic as a body material with a surface resistance of no more than 109 Ohm / cm2 at a temperature of (23 ± 2) oC and relative humidity (50 ± 5)% , as well as limiting the input parameters to intrinsically safe values that meet the requirements of GOST R 52350.11 - 2005 (IEC 60079 - 11 - 2006) (see clause 3.2). Also, the fastening screw of the cover of the connecting device is sealed, preventing unauthorized access to the connected conductors.


5.1. Persons with the necessary qualifications, familiar with this passport and trained in safety must be allowed to work on the installation and maintenance of the connecting device.

5.2. Before proceeding with the installation of the connecting device, it is necessary to inspect it. In this case, it is necessary to check the explosion protection marking and make sure that the housing is intact.

5.3. All work must be performed with disconnected power supplies.

5.4. External intrinsically safe electrical circuits must be connected from devices with intrinsically safe output parameters that have a GOST R certificate of conformity, a certificate of explosion protection from the State Energy Supervision Authority of the Ministry of Energy of Russia, a permit from the State Technical Supervision Agency of the Russian Federation for use in hazardous areas where the formation of a gas mixture of category IIC is possible.

5.5. При монтаже устройства соединительного необходимо руководствоваться настоящим паспортом, а также следующими документами: "Инструкцией по монтажу электрооборудования, силовых и осветительных сетей взрывоопасных зон ВСН 332 - 74/ММ СС", "Правилами устройства электроустановок" (гл. 7.3 ПУЭ), а также главой 33.3 ПТЭ и ПТБ (Электроустановки во взрывоопасных зонах), другими действующими нормативными документами.


6.1. The marking of the connecting device contains the information provided for by GOST R 52350.11 - 2005 and includes the name of the product, information about the manufacturer, information about the certification body for explosion - proof electrical equipment and its marking for explosion protection, as well as the degree of protection of the shell in accordance with GOST 14254 - 96, operating temperature range and limit intrinsically safe electrical parameters.

6.2. At the end of the installation work, the fastening screw of the cover of the connecting device is sealed, in accordance with the requirements of Ch. 7.3 PUE.


7.1. Repair of the connecting device by the consumer, as well as by the organization that performed the installation is FORBIDDEN, in the event of a malfunction, the product is sent for repair to the manufacturer.


8.1. When servicing the system, which includes the connecting device regularly, at least once every 6 months, check the integrity of the cable glands, the supplied conductors and the body of the connecting device.

8.2. To avoid the accumulation of dangerous electrostatic charges on the surface of the case, DO NOT wipe or clean it at the installation site, as well as expose it to a ventilated air jet with dust particles that can electrify the outer surface of the connecting device.

8.3. It is necessary to wipe and clean the connecting device from dust and perform other routine maintenance only outside the hazardous area of the premises.

8.4. In case of failure of the connecting device during the warranty period and for the implementation of post - warranty repairs, contact the manufacturer.

8.5. The manufacturer reserves the right to refuse warranty repair if the operating rules have been violated, and there are also traces of mechanical impact on the connecting device.


9.1. The connecting device is transported by all types of transport in covered vehicles in accordance with the rules for the carriage of goods in force for the corresponding mode of transport. Arrangement and fastening of boxes with connecting devices must exclude the possibility of their displacement and impacts against each other and against the walls of the transport.

9.2. Connecting devices must be stored in the warehouses of the consumer and the supplier both in transport containers, stacked in stacks of up to 5 boxes in height, and individually wrapped on racks. The indoor air must be free of dust, acid and alkali vapors, and gases that cause corrosion.

9.3. The connecting devices are unpacked in a dry heated room, having stood for at least 6 hours so that they warm up and dry out. Only then can they be put into operation.

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Connecting device USB-Ex "SEVER" (explosion protection marking 0ExiaIICT6)
Connecting device USB-Ex "SEVER" (explosion protection marking 0ExiaIICT6)
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