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Connecting device USB "SEVER" ATFE.685552.001 TU

Connecting device USB "SEVER" ATFE.685552.001 TU

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Declaration of conformity to the requirements of the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union "On the safety of low - voltage equipment" (TR CU 004/2011), the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union "Electromagnetic compatibility of technical means" (TR CU 020/2011) EAEU N RU D - RU. НР15.V. 08437/20 . Valid from 5.10.2020 to 4.10.2025

BIM model

1. Description

1.1. USB connecting device "SEVER" is intended for connection (branching) of electrical wiring in circuits with copper and aluminum conductors, signal cables, for example, in loops of fire or security and fire alarm systems, communication and telecommunication lines, circuits in control and automation systems, as well as connections in the loops of terminal devices, for example, alarm sensors, subscriber devices of communication systems, etc.

1.2. Structurally, USB "NORTH" is made in a plastic case. The body of the product is equipped with sealed cable glands for leading conductors with a diameter of 6 to 14 mm * ( * - by agreement with the customer, the product can be supplied with cable glands with a diameter of the connected cable from 6 to 11 mm; from 9 to 14 mm). A printed circuit board is installed inside the product body, on which there are screw terminal blocks for connecting the connected conductors.

It is possible to manufacture a product in a case protected against opening in the form of a reed switch (tamper) - USB - T "SEVER"

2. General specifications

2.1. Sheath protection degree according to GOST 14254 - 96, not less than IP66

2.2. Transient resistance of two contacts, Ohm, no more than 0.3

2.3. Operating temperature range, ° С - 55 . . . + 60

2.4. Maximum relative air humidity at t + 40 ° С, % , no more than 93

2.5. Weight, kg, no more than 0.5

2.6. Overall and mounting dimensions are shown in Fig. 1.

2.7. Average service life, years, not less than 10

The maximum voltage, current and cross - section of the connected conductors are determined by the type of terminal blocks installed in the connecting device. The type and number of terminal blocks, the diameter of the connected cable and the material of the cable glands are selected based on the needs of the customer. The electrical connections on the board between the terminal blocks are shown in Fig. 3.

3. Installation instructions

3.1. Installation of USB "NORTH" and connection of cables to it should be carried out in accordance with the relevant regulatory and technical documentation. Before installation, the product is subject to an external examination, while it is necessary to pay attention to the integrity of the enclosure, the presence of all fasteners, the presence of explosion protection marking, as well as the compliance of the main data of the nameplate with the conditions in which the product will be used

3.2. Unscrew the cover fixing bolts, remove the cover.

3.3. Check the tightness of the cable glands and make sure the rubber seals are present.

3.4. Feed the cable through the cable gland. Fasten securely inside the cable gland. To ensure a tight seal, the cable gland O - ring must be tightly fastened. Free the insulated cable cores from the outer insulation and cut off the ends of the inner insulation to a length of 8..10 mm. Connect the cable conductors to the terminals of the terminal block. Put on the cover, tighten the fastening bolts.

3.5. Fasten CSS "NORTH" to the bearing surface with three screws through the holes in the base. Installation dimensions are shown in Fig. 1.

4. Selection of the number of cable glands

two cable entries four cable entries six cable entries

5. Selecting the type of terminal blocks

terminal blocks TZ1 terminal blocks DG3 terminal blocks PM2

6. Material of cable glands

white plastic gray plastic blue plastic black plastic stainless steel nickel - plated brass

7. Formation of the order

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Connecting device USB "SEVER" ATFE.685552.001 TU
Connecting device USB "SEVER" ATFE.685552.001 TU
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