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Consultations concerning submission of reports 1C-Otchetnos order in Naberezhneeye chelny
Order Consultations concerning submission of reports 1C-Otchetnos
Consultations concerning submission of reports 1C-Otchetnos

Consultations concerning submission of reports 1C-Otchetnos

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Consultations concerning submission of reports 1C-Otchetnost

"1C-Otchetnost" is the service intended for sending the electronic reporting to supervisory authorities (FTS, RPF, the Social Insurance Fund and Rosstat) on communication channels.

The functionality "1C-Otchetnosti", built in standard configurations of programs of system "1C:Enterprise 8", also provides to users convenient way of installation of cryptomeans and registration of the application and for connection to electronic document flow with supervisory authorities directly on workplace, from the usual interface of the program 1C by means of the step-by-step "Master of connection".

Advantages of use "1C-Otchetnosti":

  • Submission of reports to supervisory authorities directly from the 1C program well familiar to accountants in which account is kept and forms of account form - it is not necessary to establish in addition the software, to switch to other appendices and to repeatedly fill forms.
  • Connection to service happens directly on workplace of the user, without visit to office of the operator;
  • It is not necessary to care for installation of additional updates - "1C-Otchetnost" it is updated automatically at start of the program.
  • The cost of annual service has included providing digital signature, SKZI VipNetCSP and opportunity to make unplanned replacement of the signature to two times a year. Change of the signature is carried out remotely, without visit of office of the operator;
  • From the program 1C connected to the 1C-Otchetnost service it is possible to send the reports prepared in other programs of the 1C:Enterprise system to supervisory authorities. It is convenient when for accounting at the enterprise several different programs 1C) are used.
  • For users of ITS PROFESSIONAL - submission of reports of one legal entity or individual entrepreneur within the contract 1S:ITS without additional payment. (Treat contracts 1S:ITS of the PROFESSIONAL level: ITS PROF, ITS BYUDZHET PROF, ITS STROITELSTVO, ITS MEDITSINA);
  • The round-the-clock technical user support according to uniform federal free number.

It is possible to look at the presentation on 1C-Otchetnosti here

Except delivery of the electronic reporting, the 1C-Otchetnost service supports:

  • Unformalized correspondence about FTS, RPF and Rosstat;
  • Verifications with tax (requests the ION);
  • Verifications with RPF (requests of IOS);
  • Obtaining requirements and notifications;
  • Sending electronic documents in response to requirements of FTS;
  • Possibility of forming of packages of the reporting in format for banks and other receivers;
  • Retroconversion support (translation process of RPF of paper archive in electronic form).

The functionality "1C-Otchetnosti" is included in the following standard applied decisions
on the 1C:Enterprise 8 platform:

  • "1s:bukhgalteriya 8", edition 2.0 (versions of KORP, PROF, basic)
  • "1s:bukhgalteriya 8", edition 3.0
  • "1s:upravleniye manufacturing enterprise", edition 1.3
  • "1s:kompleksnaya automation", edition 1.1
  • "1s:bukhgalteriya public institution", edition 1.0 (versions PROFESSIONAL, basic)
  • "1s:zarplata and human resource management" (versions of KORP, PROF, basic)
  • "1s:zarplata and personnel of budgetary institution"
  • "1s:nalogoplatelshchik"
  • "1s:bukhgalteriya autonomous establishment" (versions of KORP, PROF, basic)

"1C-Otchetnost" it is also included in set of the industry applications developed on the basis of these standard decisions.

To look at answers to frequently asked questions

Customer reviews about the 1C-Otchetnost service

The cost of the electronic reporting for one enterprise makes

3900 rubles a year (put the price actual for your region)

At connection of group of users discounts are provided.

Conditions and order of connection to "1C-Otchetnosti":

Opportunities "1C-Otchetnosti" are available to the registered users of the listed above standard configurations of 1C:Enterprise 8, and also sets of the industry applications developed on the basis of these standard decisions.

Users of all versions, except basic, for use "1C-Otchetnosti" need also availability of the existing contract 1S:ITS .

To begin work with service "1C-Otchetnost there is enough:

1. To call to us the company and to report about intention to use the 1C-Otchetnost service.

2. After payment of account or check of the right for free connection to "1C-Otchetnosti" (within ITS PROFESSIONAL) independently or with assistance of our specialist directly in the program 1C to create the application for connection to 1C-Otchetnosti by means of the step-by-step "Master of connection".

To watch the video "How to Be Connected to 1C-Otchetnosti" (at the link to download and post the video on own website)

3. To show to our employee at connection to "1C-Otchetnosti" originals and to transfer copies of the following documents:

- Identity document of the owner of digital signature (passport of the head of the organization);

- The certificate on registration in tax authority;

- The document confirming position of the head of the organization (extract from constituent documents or the certified copy of the order on appointment to the post);

It is better to prepare these documents in advance. Presence of the employee who will be responsible for digital signature is obligatory.

It is also necessary to transfer the application for delivery and the registration of the certificate of key of digital signature, the contract with the user for transfer of the license certified by the press of the organization and the signature of the head.

For submission of reports to RPF it is NECESSARY to SIGN the Agreement on exchange of electronic documents in EDMS of RPF on telecommunication channels.

4. After registration of a statement on connection (item 2) at the operator and in supervisory authorities (FTS) in the program 1C the account of the participant of electronic document flow will be automatically established. Your workplace is ready to be shipped the electronic reporting.

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Consultations concerning submission of reports 1C-Otchetnos
Consultations concerning submission of reports 1C-Otchetnos
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