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Coppers solid propellant KVR

Coppers solid propellant KVR

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Coppers solid propellant KVR

The organization of autonomous system of heating of a country house concerns many house owners. Actually there are no reasons for concern. Today the companies which are engaged in production and realization of the similar equipment can offer the wide range of effective and economic production which will allow even without availability of natural gas and in the conditions of deficiency of the electric power to provide housing warm and hot water. The solid propellant coppers of the top burning made by Medved Concern belong to the similar high-performance equipment. They are the excellent decision for heating of country houses, cottages, other rooms up to 450 m ².

Coppers of the top burning of KVR are solid propellant units in which only the top layer of fuel burns. Their design is equipped with the combustion chamber with the top ignition. This, apparently, simple principle of burning in practice is very effective and convenient. It allows to load into a fire chamber a large number of firewood or other solid fuel (briquettes, wood waste), thereby prolonging operating time from one bookmark.

Advantages of solid propellant coppers

The copper of the top burning of KVR is an ideal option of heating of dachas, cottages, country houses, etc. rooms which are located far from the main gas pipeline. Besides, this way of heating attracts with the profitability. He allows to save on payment of the expensive electric power and to feel independence of supply of gas and the electric power. Solid propellant coppers - differ in reliability and safety. Their use practically excludes risk of combustion. And, above all, they are durable and simple in service.

Production options

We can offer the clients the following standard sizes of coppers of KVR:

KVR-15 (power of 15 kW, the heated area - to 150 m ²);

KVR-20 (power of 20 kW, the heated area - to 200 m ²);

KVR-40 (power of 40 kW, the heated area - to 450 m ²).

These coppers can be used in heating systems of the opened and closed type. Depending on needs of the client, compulsory or any circulation of thermal energy is provided. As the heat carrier the water coming to radiator batteries is used.

As fuel for these coppers are used:

· firewood;

· waste of the woodworking industry (spill);

· opilochny fuel briquettes;

All these types of fuel are available and rather inexpensive. Their humidity should not exceed 15-30%. Negative influence on environment during the work of solid propellant coppers is minimized as these types of fuel when burning allocate insignificant amount of carbon dioxide that favorably influences health of inhabitants of the house and ecology in general.

Solid propellant copper of the top burning of the Bear Concern

The Bear concern - producer of the qualitative and reliable equipment. We guarantee safe operation of coppers within 15 years. A warranty period of service - 2 years from the moment of the first start of the unit. All equipment delivered by us is certified.

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Coppers solid propellant KVR
Coppers solid propellant KVR
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