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Device of control of tightness of cans KGB-16.1 buy in Moscow
Buy Device of control of tightness of cans KGB-16.1
Device of control of tightness of cans KGB-16.1

Device of control of tightness of cans KGB-16.1

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandСверхпроводоник
  • Country of manufactureRussia

The device of control of tightness of cans KGB-16.1 belongs to the class of testers water and is intended for selective control on tightness of the empty rolled-up metal cylindrical and not cylindrical jars. The device can be also used for check of safety of samples banks after mechanical tests for compression and blows. Besides, the device can be used to check of durability of packing of a glass jar. The device works by the principle of check of tightness of a zavaltsovka (a double zakatochny seam) with excessive pressure and belongs to means of the destroying control. Visualization of depressurization happens in the form of emergence of bubbles in places of leakage in the water environment. The device consists of the following elements: - a functional head for the fixing which is rolled up banks and giving in it excessive pressure - air communications with the regulating fittings and control manometers - supports for installation of the checked cans - capacities for liquid (bathtub) for tightness check. The device can be installed directly in air system of the enterprise or work from the mini-compressor. To accession to an air route in the device it is applied standard on the ISO union of quick disconnect connection. The technique of use of the device is developed with use of provisions and recommendations of the Gostirovanny technique for check of tightness of the rolled-up zhestebanka which is based on use of sulfuric air for receiving excessive pressure banks inside. At the same time excessive pressure for the real device is created by atmospheric air and application of sulfuric air is not required. The bathtub used in the device allows to check tightness of a seam of cylindrical cans practically of all numbers in accordance with GOST 5981-88. The exception is made by banks No. No. 14, 15, 47 and 48 in accordance with GOST 5981-88, and also non-standard banks with a diameter more than 128 mm and more than 140 mm high. Vann with the maximum sizes width of 128 mm, length of 230 mm also allows to check not cylindrical banks. The non-standard design from bathing bigger capacity can be developed for control of tightness of cans with a diameter more than 128 mm and more than 140 mm high. The KGB-16.1 device is placed on a laboratory table in the convenient place for connection to an air route. Transfer of the device is carried out by capture for the figurative handle. In the device pressure from an external source which can serve a stationary high-level air network of the enterprise or the portable mini-compressor moves. Connection of a hose with air under pressure is carried out by means of standard (on ISO) quick-detachable pneumosockets to the plug of connection of the device to an air route. Pressure given to the device does not have to be lower than pressure demanded by a technique for check banks. The maximum given pressure in the device should not exceed 10 atmospheres.
The main
Producer Russian superconductor
Country producer Russia
State New
Type Test complex
Additional characteristics
Air pressure from a network – to 1,0 MPas
The maximum consumption of air – to 0,3 m3/min.
Amount of water, filled in in a bathtub – to 1,5 l.
length – 416 mm
width – 178 mm
height – 628 mm
Weight – 15 kg.
Price 98 t.r.

Delivery time of the equipment – 1 month from the date of payment.
Warranty period - 12 months.

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Device of control of tightness of cans KGB-16.1
Device of control of tightness of cans KGB-16.1
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