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Diagnostics of the exhaust system of the car order in Novosibirsk
Order Diagnostics of the exhaust system of the car
Diagnostics of the exhaust system of the car

Diagnostics of the exhaust system of the car

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If in your car there was a "roaring" sound, an unpleasant smell of burning in salon or foreign sounds appeared – address us, our experts will quickly and qualitatively make necessary is repair - recovery work of the exhaust system on your car.

 Diagnostics of the exhaust system of the car -

visual survey of the exhaust system of the car by the expert on a viewing hole - it is ABSOLUTELY FREE!!!

Many consider that the exhaust system is not really important element of the modern car that the exhaust system only reduces noise level - no more than that …

Much, on the contrary, like loud "roar" of the motor … 

But all this big delusions.

The modern exhaust system not just considerably reduces noise level, without it noise level from the working engine will be intolerable. 

But noise reduction it not its only mission, it reduces the level of harmful emissions in the atmosphere, and also processes some harmful components into harmless.

 Besides, thanks to the exhaust system, gases are removed for car "stern" owing to what they do not get to salon of a car. 

Therefore the exhaust system needs to be diagnosed and in time to repair as the "started" system of an exhaust often is not subject to repair but only to its replacement - on the new exhaust system or its components that is much more expensive option, than repair of the exhaust system. 

Besides, not only the increased noise from operation of the engine, and hit of exhaust gases in interior of the car, decrease in draft of the engine, a gallop of turns, etc. is a consequence of the faulty exhaust system. 

Therefore if at your car the muffler rotted through, loud "roar", an unpleasant smell of burning in salon appeared or draft and dynamics (the engine "rebates") was gone, do not play for time with repair of the exhaust system – address us!!! 

 Our special Car center carries out expeditious and high quality repair of the exhaust system of your car on the most attractive conditions and in short terms (from 1st to 2 days). 

Also we can install new spare parts or units of the exhaust system as we have practically all range of these spare parts and at much favorable prices, than in retail autoshops.

In the world there is nothing eternal: quite often even the most expensive and durable mufflers need replacement or repair. For this reason our services enjoy popularity today. 


  • To RESTORE or MAKE knots of the exhaust system: We repair and manufacture MUFFLERS, RESONATORS, CATALYSTS.
  • We establish MINIKATALIZATOR.
  • We change the regular exhaust system for ready direct-flow.
  • We make removal - installation and repair of a final collector or a spider.
  • We make walls banks of the resonator or muffler.
  • We repair internal partitions of the resonator or muffler.
  • We do removal or replacement of the catalyst.
  • We do installation CORRUGATIONS and other elements of the exhaust system.
  • We do RENTING – INSTALLATION of the exhaust system and repair of the LIOUBA exhaust system of complexity.
  • We MANUFACTURE the exhaust system ON the SAMPLE.

We work at this market of services since 2002.

We are dealers of many wholesale suppliers working in our region – therefore the spare parts installed at us to the client will cost much cheaper, than bought them in autoshops. 

We provide a full complex of a cycle of repair work - from delivery of the necessary spare part, a detail or the unit of a car, before its full installation on your car!

We work as on cash, and clearing settlement, payment by the card including. 

You can in comfortable conditions wait for the end of repair work.

If repair work occupies time more, than one working day, then your car remains under reliable protection and video surveillance. 

We give the GUARANTEE for EVERYTHING the performed works.


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Diagnostics of the exhaust system of the car
Diagnostics of the exhaust system of the car
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