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Diatomite Biodia

Diatomite Biodia

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandООО "Диатом-Поволжье"
  • Country of manufactureRussia
  • Weight500 kg
  • Form release fertilizerSolid
  • ConcentrateConcentrate
  • ColorLight pink
  • Water-solubleВ воде не растворим

Biodiatom - this multipurpose, highly effective, environmentally friendly diatomaceous food for soils on the basis of silicon dioxide. At the same time is the conditioner for soils with unique sorption properties. It is used as in pure form, and together with other fertilizers and biological products, including for production of new types of fertilizers on its basis.

One atom of silicon can hold up to 119 molecules of water. Diatomite substantially promotes increase in water - retaining ability, an economical and rational expenditure of reserves of productive moisture during vegetation. At the same time reserves of productive moisture in an arable layer (0 - 30 cm) depending on diatomite introduction doses (0, 6 - 1Ô/Hectare) at the beginning of vegetation increased in comparison with control by 3 - 14, 5 mm, in meter – by 19 - 27 mm, the coefficient of water consumption decreases by 16 - 24% (by 1, 2 - 1, 3 times)
Diatomite introduction in pure form leads to the improvement of the nutritious mode of the soil which is not conceding in the relation of content of mobile compounds of phosphorus and potassium to full doses of mineral fertilizers. If before crops the maintenance of P2O5 and K2O in an arable layer at introduction of mineral fertilizers (a nitrogen - phosphorus - potassium complex (N60P60K60) increased by 10 and 15 mg/kg of the soil, then at introduction of diatomite in a dose 1t/hectare – on 13 and 19 mg/kg, in a dose of 5 t/hectare – on 19 and 21 mg/kg respectively.
Use of diatomite as fertilizer allow to receive ecologically safer production. Entering into the soil of diatomite in pure form promoted decrease in accumulation of nitrates in production: in cucumbers for 9% , in tomatoes for 12% , carrots for 15% , table beet for 17% . Similar regularity is observed on the relation of intake of heavy metals: content of lead in fruits of tomatoes decreased from 0, 59 mg/kg in natural substance to 0, 09 mg/kg, cadmium – by 1, 5 time, nickel - for 15% ; in table beet of lead - for 22% , cadmium – for 25% , nickel – for 26% , chrome trivalent – for 24% . Thus entering into the soil of diatomite explains reduction of mobility of metals to 1, 2 times, or for 15 - 18% .

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Diatomite Biodia
Diatomite Biodia
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