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Directing (tire) for retractable gate 500-800kg: EURO se buy in St petersburg
Buy Directing (tire) for retractable gate 500-800kg: EURO se
Directing (tire) for retractable gate 500-800kg: EURO se

Directing (tire) for retractable gate 500-800kg: EURO se

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1375 RUB
  • 1030 RUB/m.  - from 6 m.
Russia, St petersburg
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Technical characteristics
  • BrandРолтэк
  • Country of manufactureRussia

The price for meter is specified. Standard sizes: 6 m, 7 m, 8 m, 9 m. Weight of 1 meter 9,2kg, wall thickness 4,5mm.

The weight of a shutter of gate to 800 kg, width of the blocked aperture to 7 m.

GUARANTEE of 5 YEARS! in 5 times more, than at producers like "Dorkhan", "Alyutekh", etc. Accessories for retractable gate are manufactured in St. Petersburg, of metal of production of JSC Severstal. Any plastic, aluminum, etc.! Only thick galvanized steel. The directing beams are made, including, from high-quality European constructional S-355 steel (a pr-v of Germany, Slovakia).

Delivery of sets for gate across Russia through Business Lines transport company:

across St. Petersburg - 1400r, Arkhangelsk - 990r, Astrakhan - 1200r, Barnaul - 1900r, Belgorod - 1100r, Bryansk - 1050r, V. Novgorod - 790r, Vladivostok - 2550r, Vladimir - 1050r, Vologda - 850r, Yekaterinburg - 1450r, Izhevsk - 1600r, Irkutsk - 1990r, Kaluga - 990r, Krasnodar - 1250r, Kostroma - 1050r, Murmansk - 890r, Nizhny Novgorod - 1200r, Nizhny Tagil - 1800r, Novosibirsk - 2200r, the Eagle - 1500r, Orenburg - 1650r, Pskov - 750r, Samara - 1300r, Smolensk - 990r, Sochi - 1450r, Stavropol - 1250r, Syktyvkar - 1100r, Tambov - 1650r, Tyumen - 1800r, Khabarovsk - 2700r, Ufa - 1950r, Yaroslavl - 950 rubles, etc.

Let's bring to any city for minimum price!

The description of the directing beam:

The guide is the most responsible element in a design of retractable and suspended gate. It provides transfer of efforts from a shutter of gate to the base through the EUROS support. At production of the retractable self-bearing gate the shutter needs to be done to the most rigid that it maintained a bend under a body weight.

The directing EUROS are rolled from qualitative high-strength S355 steel of exclusively European production. The chosen brand of steel is applied at high requirements to durability and a svarivayemost where use of simple constructional steel is impossible: by production of vehicles, lifting mechanisms, beams, arrows - in designs where the low body weight, big loading capacity and rigidity is required.

When rolling guides the high-quality equipment thanks to which high precision of all guides is guaranteed is used:
straightforwardness (admissible bend) of the guide directing no more than 1,5 mm/m twisting no more than 0,5 °/m other admissions on the sizes are carried out according to the European EN 10162 standard.

Weight is 1 m of the item = 9,2 kg

Greasing of an internal surface of a guide at installation is not required to be made

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Directing (tire) for retractable gate 500-800kg: EURO se
Directing (tire) for retractable gate 500-800kg: EURO se
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