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Disinfectant antiseptic UMILON (benzethonium chloride) buy in Rostov-na-donu
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Disinfectant antiseptic UMILON (benzethonium chloride)

Disinfectant antiseptic UMILON (benzethonium chloride)

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Russia, Rostov-na-donu
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Technical characteristics
  • Country of manufactureRussia
  • ConcentrateNon-concentrate

Ready - to - use solution in the form of a clear liquid from colorless to yellow, with the smell of alcohol or with the smell of alcohol and perfume.

Active ingredients: isopropyl alcohol (propanol - 2) - 50% , propyl alcohol (propanol - 1) - 20% , QAC complex (benzethonium chloride; N, N - dioctyldimethylammonium chloride; didecyldimethylammonium chloride) - 0.2% (in total).
  • Functional additives: hand skin care components, perfume.
  • Storage temperature: from - 20 ° C to + 30 ° C.
  • Expiration date: 5 years.

Biological activity
It has antimicrobial activity against gram - negative and gram - positive bacteria, including mycobacterium tuberculosis (tested for Mycobacterium terrae), viruses (against all known human pathogenic viruses, including viruses of enteral and parenteral hepatitis (including hepatitis A, B and C) , poliomyelitis) and fungicidal properties. Prolonged antimicrobial effect within 6 hours.
Scope of application
Treatment - and - prophylactic institutions; clinical, microbiological and other laboratories; communal facilities; sports and administrative institutions; catering establishments; consumer industrial markets; institutions: social security, penitentiary, children's; sanitary transport; population in everyday life.
Mode of application
Wipe, irrigation.
  • Hygienic treatment of hands;
  • processing of the hands of surgeons, operating nurses, midwives and other persons involved in operations, delivering childbirth, etc. ;
  • treatment of the elbows of donors, skin before the introduction of catheters and puncture of the joints;
  • treatment of the skin of the operating and injection fields of patients of medical and preventive organizations;
  • preventive treatment of the feet in order to prevent fungal diseases;
  • treatment of medical gloves made of latex, neoprene, nipril and other materials resistant to alcohol.

Each batch of the antiseptic UMILON (benzethonium chloride) is accompanied by a QUALITY CERTIFICATE containing the values of quality indicators in accordance with the requirements of TU 20.20.14 - 018 - 315619600001672 - 2017 Benefits
  • Antiseptic agent with a wide spectrum of antimicrobial action against bacteria (including mycobacterium tuberculosis), viruses, fungi (Candida, Trichophyton).
  • Prolonged antimicrobial action within 6 hours.
  • Fast - acting remedy - the duration of the surgical treatment of hands is no more than 1 minute.
  • Berezhnoe, without overdrying, effect on the skin.
  • Low inhalation toxicity, m soft aroma and absence of a sharp alcoholic smell.
  • Convenient dispensing as a spray or liquid.
  • An additional form of release in the form of napkins made of non - woven material, impregnated with a product, in individual packaging.
  • Approved for use by the general public in everyday life.
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Disinfectant antiseptic UMILON (benzethonium chloride)
Disinfectant antiseptic UMILON (benzethonium chloride)
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