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DN and VDN smoke exhausters buy in Kostroma
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DN and VDN smoke exhausters

DN and VDN smoke exhausters

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DN and VDN smoke exhausters

DN smoke exhausters

DN smoke exhausters are used for utilization of combustion gases from fire chambers of oil-gas units by creation of compulsory draft. These units complete steam and oil-gas boilers in boiler rooms. Distinguish the following standard sizes of tyagodutyevy DN cars:
  • The DN 6.3 smoke exhauster - with a diameter of wheel of 630 mm and with a productivity of 7000 m ³ / h;
  • The DN 8 smoke exhauster - diameter is 800 mm, productivity is 10000 m ³ / h;
  • The DN 9 smoke exhauster - diameter is 900 mm, productivity is 14000 m ³ / h;
  • The DN 10 smoke exhauster - diameter is 1000 mm, productivity is 20400 m ³ / h;
  • The DN 11.2 smoke exhauster - diameter is 1120 mm, productivity is 29000 m ³ / h;
  • The DN 12.5 smoke exhauster - diameter is 1250 mm, productivity is 39000 m ³ / h and so on to DN 22.
The choice of modification and standard size of the smoke exhauster depends on conditions in which he will be exploited.

Fan of dutyevy VDN

VDN fans are a dutyevy car of unilateral absorption, with the spiral rotary case. As well as the DN smoke exhauster can have the right direction of rotation and left. Fan it is intended for giving of clean air in boiler installations. The VDN smoke exhauster are allowed to work in ventilating systems of grain elevators, in coppers, furnaces and other technological systems of various industries. VDN have the same standard sizes, as well as DN smoke exhausters. DN smoke exhausters and the VDN dutyevy fans are suitable for operation at a temperature from-30 to +40 degrees, at the maximum temperature of the moved environment to +200gradusov. They are calculated on a long operating mode both indoors, and outside, under a canopy, in a temperate climate and tropical climate of the 2nd and 3rd category of placement in accordance with GOST. Tyagodutyevy cars of Medved concern have a number of advantages before production of other producers. These advantages concern a number of constructive and qualitative differences. We upgraded the directing devices, having provided them the maximum smoothness of turn of shovels. Equipped fans with removable handles that just allows conveniently and to connect the device to the executive mechanism (MEO). Besides, our experts minimized gaps between rotary fingers by means of a pig-iron fairing. The complex of these measures led to reduction of vibration and decrease in noise level of fans in operating time.
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DN and VDN smoke exhausters
DN and VDN smoke exhausters
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